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The The Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack was a collection of thirteen 16-bit simple games sold separately from Microsoft Windows. It was published in the Microsoft Home series of software. They were selected as the best games from the previously released Microsoft Entertainment Pack series of titles. The games were:

  • Chip's Challenge - a puzzle game where you needed to collect all the chips on each level.
  • Dr. Black Jack - a blackjack game tutor
  • FreeCell - a solitaire card game that is now bundled with Windows
  • Golf - the traditional solitaire variant
  • JezzBall - a game of reflexes in which the player had to trap bouncing balls in small boxes
  • Pipe Dream - in which the player needed to build a system of interconnected pipes of a certain length
  • Rodent's Revenge - in which a mouse needs to trap cats by pushing boxes
  • SkiFree - a fairly simplistic skiing game
  • Taipei - a version of Mahjong solitaire
  • TetraVex - a puzzle game of arranging tiles
  • TETRIS for Windows - the classic game of falling blocks
  • TriPeaks - a gambling solitaire card game
  • Tut's Tomb - another solitaire card game

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