The Cameron Files - Pharaoh's Curse Coverart.png
Developer(s) Galilea
Publisher(s) The Adventure Company
Designer Designer Missing
status Status Missing
Release date October 29, 2002 (NA)
October 2003 (EU)
Genre Adventure
Age rating(s) ESRB: Teen
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media CD-ROM
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The Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse is an adventure video game released in 2002, developed by Galilea and published by The Adventure Company.

This game is set in Egypt and the Pharaoh’s mummy, on display in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, has mysterious disappeared. Unravel the treacherous plot using your keen sense of observation and investigative skills. Solve puzzles and talk to interesting characters, some of whom could be suspects, in what may be a dark conspiracy laced with supernatural undertones. Search the Museum, travel down the River Nile and explore the Egyptian sands looking for key clues as to where the mummy has gone and why.

It is the second game in The Cameron Files series, following The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness.

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