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The Eye of Typhoon, known in Korea as Kuk Cho Ho Kwon (극초호권), is a 1996 2D fighting video game developed by Viccom (now known as Unotechnology). It is the second game Viccom created after Fight Fever, and was originally planned for release on the Neo-Geo with SNK as its publisher. The MVS version of the game was later cancelled but, LG Software did publish ports of 극초호권 for the 3DO and PC (MS-DOS).

Plot[ | ]

Upon hearing about the mystery of Kuk-Cho-Ho-Kwon, the strong Western powers are desperately trying to recover it. Because of this, many innocent fighters have been destroyed and the secret book of Kuk-Cho-Ho-Kwon is beginning to reveal its real images.

Gameplay[ | ]

Like Fight Fever, The Eye of Typhoon plays similarly to other 2D versus fighting games. There are 12 playable characters to choose from and two boss characters. The object of the game is to win two matches out of three. Each character has a set of moves in addition to two basic punches and kicks. Players also have the ability to taunt others, but unlike games such as SNK's Art of Fighting series, this has no effect and would actually leave the player open to attacks.

In single player mode, after selecting a character, the player must also select an opponent. The opponent order cycles clockwise according to the character select screen. After the first twelve are defeated, the player must defeat two bosses, Powell and Mahesvara. Unlike Fight Fever, there is a team mode, where players can choose two characters whether in certain order or randomly. The camera also zooms in and out depending on how far apart the characters are, like in the Art of Fighting series.

Characters[ | ]

  • Hoya - The protagonist of the game.
  • Roy
  • Sauri
  • Chohong
  • Wangchang
  • Mui
  • Nelson
  • Tlaloc
  • Dalma
  • Musasi Taro
  • Natasha
  • Jarkill
  • Powell
  • Mahesvara

Version differences[ | ]

The 3DO version has a 3D-animated intro with logos and jingles of LG and Viccom, the characters are smaller compared to other fighting games at the time, the screen slightly zooms in when the announcer shouts "Fight!", and the select screen resembles the canceled Neo-Geo version's more than the DOS version's. The DOS version has fewer animations in each stage than the ones in the 3DO version, the characters sizes are normal like in other fighting games at the time, the select screen lacks moving objects other than cursors and timer, the loading screen is different, the AI of the characters are weaker than the ones in the 3DO version, and the background music played during fights restarts every round.

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