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The I of the Dragon is a computer role-playing game where the player plays as a dragon. It was published by Strategy First and developed by Primal Software.


The game takes place in an ancient land. There, both humans and dragons had lived side by side. However over time, people developed hostility to the dragons due to their nature and power. Still, the friendship endured for years until Skarrbor decided to take over the land. The humans fought side by side with the dragons early during the war. All of the dragons left after learning that they were only being used as weapons, leaving the humans safely behind. After the dragons left, Skarrbor's forces, now undefeatable by the people, cause mass deaths and destruction. The mages, who are desperate to solve the situation, founded 3 eggs, each containing a young dragon. One is destined to save the world.


Playable dragons[]

Annoth - Annoth is one of the dragons destined to save the world from evil and is colored red with a mix of other colors in the game. Annoth is a powerful and strong dragon who can breathe fire and is the only dragon able to achieve the missile type attack quickly. Because of its strong power, Annoth does not favor using magic.

Barroth - Barroth is also one of the dragons destined to save the world from evil and is colored blue mixed with red in the game. Barroth is a fast and magic using dragon who can breathe cold air causing the enemies to freeze. Barroth is the only dragon who is able to use lots of spells and regenerate mana in short amount of time. Since Barroth only uses magic, it is a more advanced dragon to use.

Morrogh- Morrogh is the final dragon destined to save the world from evil and is colored black mixed with some brown in the game. Morrogh is a fast regenerating and dark magic using dragon who can release toxic air into the ground which is used to poison and kill enemies. Morrogh is the only dragon who is compatible with all skills (except for speed). Since Morrogh is fast on regenerating its health back and can use some basic spells, Morrogh is slow with ability advancement.

Game features[]

  • Build Towns - I of the Dragon features the ability to build towns. After defeating each major enemy in each sector, there is the option to build a town. Towns are randomly constructed cities with an altar in the middle.
  • Upgrade Towns - The upgrade town feature in the game is only available once you are in possession of the artifact found in one of the Trixter lairs. It can only be used when a town exists, has enough energy to be upgraded and hasn't reached its maximum level. Further levels of towns increase its defensive potential, creates larger walls, more soldiers, etc.
  • Spells - Each dragon in the game can use spells, some more efficient than others. This spells range from summoning deadly beasts to raising large mountains and volcanoes.
  • Orbs - Orbs are magical spheres which glow red, green or blue. Each gives a different effect in character development. For example, green spheres provide more spell slots. Orbs are gathered by destroying lairs (monster spawn bases).


Template:Toofewopinions I of the Dragon received a mixed reviews from critics and fans of the game. Gamespot rated it a 6.0 with a statement: "I of the Dragon doesn't make much use of its interesting premise. In this game, being a dragon turns out to be a pretty prosaic job. The game does offer some mildly interesting tactical options, thanks in part to the wide spell selection, but those strengths nearly collapse under the weight of the pitifully bland campaign. I of the Dragon has some short-term appeal, but over time it makes you feel like a glorified exterminator, tediously eliminating an endless stream of generic monsters for no real reason." IGN gave it a 4.5 with also a statement: "All of this is really a shame, because I of the Dragon had some neat ideas that could have made for one great game. I mean, who wouldn't want to play as a dragon raining fire down on hordes of hopeless creatures while they cringe in fear of your greatness? Unfortunately the poor implementation just makes for one sloppy exerience that's not even worth playing when there are so many great titles out this time of year. Don't waste your time.".

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