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Fans of the Zelda series usually disregard this as a "true" Zelda game. For information on "real" games in the Zelda series, see: Zelda series.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon is a Zelda game for the Philips CD-i. As a Nintendo franchise, the Legend of Zelda series would normally only appear on a Nintendo console, but due to contract obligations, and a fallout with the SNES CD project, Zelda and Mario both appeared on the system. The Wand of Gamelon was released on the same day as Link: The Faces of Evil in 1993.


The Wand of Gamelon featured side-scrolling levels similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.


Duke Onkled's island kingdom, Gamelon, is under attack by Ganon. Princess Zelda's father, King Harkinian, sails to Gamelon in an effort to assist the struggling kingdom. He then dissapears without a trace. The often called on young lad cloked in green, Link, is then sent to investigate. Alas, he to vanishes. It is now up to Zelda to find and rescue her father, Link, and save Gamelon from destruction.


The Wand of Gamelon is considered one of the worst games in the Zelda series, the others being the other two Zelda games for the Philips CD-i. FMVs and voice acting was used extensively to show off the capacity of CD-ROM based games, but both the FMV's and voice acting are considered, even by industry standards, horrible at best. The gameplay is also considered to be a travesty due to the poor quality of the CD-i's controller.