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The Legend of Zelda
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The Legend of Zelda
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The Legend of Zelda series is a video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto about the adventures of a boy named Link, the Princess Zelda, and their ongoing fight with Ganondorf to bring peace to the land of Hyrule. Each Zelda game takes place in the same world, sometimes with the same characters, but often with new characters who are the old ones reincarnated at a different point in time.

Many believe that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most influential video games of all time, second only to Super Mario 64. Hundreds of games have emulated Ocarina's combat system.


The series combines action-adventure, puzzle, RPG and exploration elements.


The Legend of Zelda is usually set in the kingdom of Hyrule, a fantasy kingdom inspired by Western Europe. The dominant species of the kingdom are the elf-like Hylians, which include the main characters Link and Princess Zelda, but Hyrule is also home to a number of sentient species, including the piscine Zora, the mountain-dwelling Gorons, the desert dwelling Gerudo, and the mysterious ninja-like Sheikah.

According to the game's lore, Hyrule was created by three goddesses: Din, the Goddess of Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; and Farore, the Goddess of Courage.


The Legend of Zelda features a complex and branching timeline. Many of the recurring characters, including Link and Zelda, are not the same characters across the series, but rather separate incarnations living at different points in time. The developers have provided an official timeline for the series, although it has been retconned a number of times.

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