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These are dungeons from The Legend of Zelda series.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Major Item Boss
1 Parapa Palace To the north above the desert Candle Horsehead
2 Midoro Palace In the swamp Glove Helmethead
3 Island Palace On an island Raft Ironknuckle
4 Maze Island Palace Maze in the east Winged Boots Carock
5 Palace on the Sea In the middle of the sea Flute Gooma
6 Three Eye Rock Palace Have to play the flute to make it appear Cross Barba
7 Great Palace Final dungeon N/A Thunderbird, Link's Shadow

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Floors Major Item Mid-Boss Boss
1 Dark Palace The first Dark World dungeon, must be opened by Kiki the monkey B1 Hammer N/A Helmasaur King
2 Swamp Palace A maze of sewers underneath the swamp in the south B1-B3 Hookshot N/A Arrghus
3 Skull Woods A maze of chambers underneath what was once the Lost Woods B1-B2 Fire Rod N/A Mothula

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Major Item Mid-Boss Boss Instrument
1 Tail Cave In southwest Koholint Roc's Feather Rolling Bones Moldorm Full Moon Cello
2 Bottle Grotto In the swamp Power Bracelet Hinox Genie Conch Horn

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Major Item Mid-Boss Boss
1 Deku Tree The belly of the great Deku Tree, host to a deadly swarm of spiders and their formidable queen Slingshot Deku Scrub Trio Gohma
2 Dodongo Cavern A massive cave in the side of a volcano, home to a species of deadly fire breathing lizards Bombs Lizalfos Gang King Dodongo
3 Jabu-Jabu The belly of a sick sea god, deadly parasitic creatures lie within... Boomerang Tentacles Barinade
4 Forest Temple An ancient dungeon long forgotten in the depths of the Lost Woods, haunted by the ghosts of powerful sorcerors. Fairy Bow Poe Sisters Phantom Ganon
5 Fire Temple A dungeon lying in the belly of a volcano, everything within is either spitting fire, on fire or made of fire, usually a combination of the three. Megaton Hammer Fire Dancer Volvagia
6 Water Temple The source of all Hyrule's water, lying beneath Lake Hylia, watch out for clams. Longshot Dark Link Morpha
7 Shadow Temple A crypt lying far below the graveyard of Hyrule, swarming with the undead hordes (though they are the least of your worries...). Hover Boots Deadhand Bongo-Bongo
8 Spirit Temple A holy place of the gerudo, standing in the far reaches of the desert, two powerful witches have made their home here. Silver Gauntlets/Mirror Shield Iron Knuckles Twinrova
9 Ganon's Castle The realm where Ganondorf, prince of evil, resides and the place where Link must make his final stand. Golden Gauntlets Dinalfos\Stalfos\Iron Knuckles Ganondorf

Note: In the PAL version, the Shadow and Spirit Temples are swapped.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Major Item Mid-Boss Boss
1 Woodfall Temple Designed by Deku architects, this temple had swamp water, Deku flowers, and lots of dragonflies. Hero's Bow Dinalfos (Item), Gekko (Big Key) Masked Jungle Warrior: Odolwa
2 Snowhead Temple Built by the Gorons atop a snowy mountain, the feature of this temple is a giant pillar that stretches across the entire height of the dungeon Fire Arrows Wizzrobe (Item), Wizzrobe (Big Key) Masked Mechanical Monster: Goht
3 Great Bay Temple A submerged mass of clockwork and wires nested somewhere in the Great Bay Ice Arrows Wart (Item), Gekko (Big Key) Gargantuan Masked Fish: Gyorg
4 Stone Tower Temple A giant stone structure in Ikana Canyon, this dungeon requires you to flip it upside down to complete it. Light Arrows Garo Master (Item), Gomess (Big Key) Giant Masked Insects: Twinmold

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Major Item Mid-Boss Boss
1 Dragonroost Cavern Valoo, the dragon atop Dragonroost Island has been plagued by something. To get the first pearl, you must solve his problem, and also find Medli, a Rito girl. Grappling Hook Moblin Gohma
2 Forbidden Woods Makar has been kidnapped just before the New Years Festival in the Forest Haven. You must save him. Boomerang Mothula Kalle Demos
3 Tower of the Gods A huge tower once hidden underneath the sea, now unlocked because of the three pearls. You must navigate through water, and guide statues in this temple. Bow Darkknut Gohdan
4 Forsaken Fortress The lair of Ganon, you have returned here to save all the girls that were kidnapped, including your little sister. Skull Hammer Phantom Ganon Helmaroc King
5 Earth Temple Located on Headstone Island, this is the first of two temples you must pass to regain the power of your Master Sword, by navigating Medli around this temple. Mirror Shield Stalfos Jalhalla
6 Wind Temple This temple has you carry Makar around in order to regain the Master Swords' full power. Hookshot Wizzrobe Molgera
7 Ganondorf's Tower You must fight four bosses again in this temple before the final face off. Light Arrows Puppet Ganon Ganondorf

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess[]

Level Dungeon Name Description Floors Major Item Mid-Boss Boss
1 Forest Temple The Forest Temple is located in the northern section of Faron Woods. It greatly resembles the two parallel trees from Wind Waker and has the mark of the Kokiri through its walls and doors. Prior to Link first entering the Forest Temple, a total of eight monkeys have been captured and imprisoned by the malevolent forces currently residing within the temple. 1F Gale Boomerang Ook Twilit Parasite Diababa
2 Goron Mines A dungeon filled with lava geysers and magnetic ceilings 1F-2F Hero's Bow Dangoro Twilit Igniter Fyrus
3 Lakebed Temple An underwater dungeon that was once known as the Zora's swimming chambers. 1F-4F, BF1-BF2 Clawshot Deku Toad Twilit Aquatic Morpheel
4 Arbiter's Grounds A half-sunk dungeon in the middle of the Gerudo desert. 1F-4F, B1-B2 Spinner Death Sword Twilit Fossil Stallord
5 Snowpeak Ruins The crumbling mansion of an old yeti couple 1F-3F Ball and Chain Darkhammer Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta
6 Temple of Time A multi-floor dungeon built by the same race as Ooccoo with tons of machinery. 1F-8F Dominion Rod Darknut Twilit Arachnid Armogohma
7 City in the Sky A hidden city in the Heavens 1F-5F, BF1-BF3 Double Clawshot Aeralfos, Big Baba Twilit Dragon Argorok
8 Palace of Twilight The fortress palace of Zant and Midna's people 1F-4F Master Sword (Light) Phantom Zant Usurper King Zant
9 Hyrule Castle The castle of Hyrule royalty and Zelda 1F-5F --- King Bulbin Dark Lord Ganondorf