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The Princess Escape is a video game for the PC will be released on September 6, 2007. An action-adventure game based on Evil vs Good trilogy, The Princess Escape is being developed by a Blue Renderer Production Studio and will be available to play in Pakistan only at September 2007. Worldwide release of the game will be decided later this year. This is the first game developed by this studio.

Story Line[]

The story of this game is all around two characters. Michelle, The Princess of Biya and Gante, son of a poor farmer lives in Biya. Biya is a small town ruled by a kind King Jereror, but his mercifulness has put him in a big jeopardy that once he was going through a jungle for hunt far from his town where unfortunately he entered the Castle of Devil and saw two humans who were being sacrificed for the power of evil. The King unfortunately killed the brother of devil with Sword of Biya and saved those two humans, who were being sacrificed.

The Sword of Biya is not a normal sword, its power cannot be defined but not everyone can hold this Sword but only who can let down his life for the sake of Biya. It's been gifted to the King by the great magician of Biya. He was a friend of King and gifted the sword when he was dying. The Sword is the only thing which can challenge the evil power of Devil.

One day when the traditional celebration of Town of Biya was on top notch, The devil came in the town of Biya to take revenge of his brother at the celebration day and kidnapped The lovely and charming Michelle, Princess of Biya. Devil also left a message for King that "Jereror you killed my beloved brother, now you should suffer the kidnapped of your beloved daughter and you will not be able to see your daughter forever.

The whole town was very sad at that news. The King Jereror was also upset then offered everyone who can bring her back to king will be the next King and will be made to marry The Princess of Biya. but he will have to prove that he can do so, then he will be given a horse and a shield for his journey.

Game play[]

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The Power of Sword of Biya[]

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Other Magics[]