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The Sims 2 is the sequel to Will Wright's popular people simulator, The Sims. The Sims 2 expands on the game ideas of The Sims and puts the player in a fully 3D, fully functional world. You can follow the lives of one or more 'people' from birth to death. In between, you can either make their lives into a hilarious sitcom, full of good choices and a happy family, or you go in the other direction and turn their life's into a sad soap opera.


Florida Attorney Jack Thompson attacked Electronic Arts and The Sims 2 soon after the Hot Coffee scandal with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Jack Thompson claimed that The Sims 2 was "worse than Hot Coffee", because it featured nude Sims which were blurred out, yet the blur could be removed by a mod. Thompson claimed that "pubic hair", "labia", and other genital details were visible if the blur was removed. Electronic Arts defended themselves by alleging that without the blur, there are no private parts, but that they were simply lacking in all genitalia, exactly like Barbie & Ken dolls.

In an internet radio show interview that aired at ChatterBox Game Show, Thompson said that he corrected his statements about "pubic hair" and other details that he was misinformed about. However, he still believed that EA was at fault and should be taken down for co-operating with the mod community that makes pornographic materials. He defended his position on The Sims 2, stating that because EA does not protect it's copyright by stopping the mod community from making adult-oriented changes to the game, that they "lose their right to defend their copyright" in any way.