Codex Gamicus

The Walking Zombie Dead City in 2017

Games Interactive


in 2020, the world is engulfed in a zombie apocalpse . The Game opens with the protagonist and a companion inside a Christian church while thy are claening it from zombies, Once a first aid kit is found , the protgonist is bitten in the leg by a zombie who only apparently seemed to have been killed. His ally is therefore forced to cut off his leg to stop the spread of the virus on his body. The protagonist for which he will be fored to sit in a wheelchair the move. The game consists of 200 Levels in total. In addition to the normal levels (levels in which only zombies are killed) the protagonist will face the "Arena" levels (levels in which you have to kill as many enemies as possible to earn more coins), The "Sinper" Levels (levels in which you must save a newborn from a horde of Zombies with a sinper rifle) and the "Boss" levels, where you have to defeat bosses to continue through the levels (for example a giant priest , giant spider , a two-handed surgeon etc. .)The player as he progresses with game will earn conis based on the zombies killed, the hits in the head, the injuries sustained and the "successful days." enemies are not only zombies, in fact you can also find animals suck as bats, scorpions and moles. you can also find armed zombies (with rifles or with explosives on) of Characteristic zombies (Dressed as priests or dressed as American football player). The player with the coins earned can decide whether to upgrade the weapon or buy a new one. you can also buy first aid kits or bombs.Inside the game there is the multiplayer mode.