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The War of Genesis Side Story I: Rhapsody of Zephyr (Changsegijun seo-poong-ui gwang-si-gok, 창세기전 서풍의 광시곡) is a turn-based RPG created by Softmax. The game's ambience, theme, and story follow from "The Count of Monte Cristo." Originally released for Windows in 1998, it was later ported to the Dreamcast in 2001 and the PlayStation 2 in 2004. The game has never been translated into English.


The game uses a turn-based RPG format. The battle style is a mix of the time gauge system from Final Fantasy VII and the "tilespace" system of Heroes of Might and Magic. Characters use various weapons depending on their jobs. The concept of blocking attacks exists in the game, which is represented by the "durability" of the weapons. Depending on the amount of damage blocked, weapons can be destroyed. Also, in regards to characters that use guns, ammo is sold separately, and once you run out of ammo, guns will do no damage.

The often used HP/MP system is in effect. There is also something called the soul gauge, which fills up whenever the character attacks, blocks or takes damage. When the soul gauge fills beyond certain thresholds, characters can use specific abilities, some of which are innate to the character and some of which depend on the weapons that the character is wielding.


The planet is Antaria, the same as War of Genesis II. The story takes place within the Geysir Empire, which has fallen into disarray after the death of the Dark Prince Karl Styner in War of Genesis II.


  • Cyrano Bernstein is the protagonist/anti-hero of the game. Once a handsome son of the powerful lord Luke Bernstein, he was accused of heresy when he researched the tome called "The Truth about the War of Genesis." After a swift trial, he was incarcerated in the infamous prison Inferno, where he stumbled upon the sealed form of the leader of the dark gods, Deimos. Deimos bequeathed the "darkblood" that he possessed, which granted its owner immunity from disease and death. Before he died, Deimos commanded Cyrano to find the blade of the Dark Prince, Asura.
  • Mercedes Frederick née Borgia, the daughter of Cardinal Cesare Borgia. She was engaged to Cyrano, but on the day they were to be married, Cyrano was arrested for heresy. Under duress, in order to save Cyrano's life, she married Lord Alfred Frederick. She has one child named Christina. She still missed Cyrano terribly, but grows to love Lord Frederick, who stood by her for 13 years while she only longed for Cyrano.
  • Roberto de Medich is the leader of the rebel organization Zephyr Falcon, and a skilled swordsman. Debonair and dashing, he has a strong sense of justice, and is somewhat of a playboy. An excellent swordsman, commands two lieutenants, Louis and Bors.
  • Cesare Borgia is the cardinal of the Empire, and the man leading the witch hunts that are used to solidify his position and carry out a plan for a strong and focused central government, with himself as both religious and political leader. A cold, calculating man, he is always dressed in full cardinal's regalia, and is an imposing presence.
  • Captain Silver is a female pirate that roams the southern seas of the Geysir Empire. When she boards a certain passenger ship, she encounters Cyrano Bernstein, who defeats her. Silver pledges her loyalty to Cyrano, which he accepts with an indifferent attitude. Silver is fiercely loyal and passionate. She trains an eagle named Jayjay.
  • Kana Milanovich is a young squad leader of Zephyr Falcon. An orphan whose parents were killed during Cesare Borgia's witch hunts, she is an expert shot, and rose through the Zephyr Falcon ranks rapidly, becoming squad leader at the age of 19. Due to her somewhat immature temperament, she is somewhat inconsistent in her work, but nobody doubts her skills at leading people or with her trusty gun.
  • St. Esmeralda is a renowned healer of Geysir, who saves Cyrano's life when he is found in a desert. She runs an orphanage, and is keen on learning new medical information which comes from countries in the far east. After Cyrano rescues her from the clutches of a self-absorbed lord, she joins Cyrano on his travels.
  • Sharn Hoiste is a legendary thief, somewhat akin to Robin Hood. Always draped in a purple cape and hidden behind a mask, he has encountered Zephyr Falcon numerous times, and is a terrific swordsman. He helps Cyrano out in some battles, and is a crucial piece of the puzzle.
  • Clauzewitz is the tactician of Zephyr Falcon, with a small beret and thick glasses. He always carries around a small notepad which he writes numerous things in. A brilliant tactician, he successfully devises schemes that enable the vastly outnumbered Zephyr Falcon to prevail against the armies of the Empire. He shows an incredible ability for procuring top-secret or experimental weapons and technology when it is required.
  • Chris is a young, almost feminine-looking boy of 15 years of age. An excellent shot with firearms and a natural leader, he leads a small resistance movement against the overbearing church and empire, and eventually joins Zephyr Falcon.
  • Lord Alfred Frederick is the husband of Mercedes Frederick, and a widely revered lord of his realm. His army was the first to ubiquitously use firearms. Although he sided with Cesare Borgia in the 'Forbidden Lore' incident that imprisoned Cyrano, he does not share Cesare's view of totalitarian control, and has kept his forces neutral. Clauzewitz thinks highly of him, while Cesare views him as wishy-washy.
  • Rhidelhart is a lieutenant in Zephyr Falcon, and Roberto de Medich views him as the brother that he never had. He wields a humongous halberd, and is exceptionally strong. Raised by wolves when he was little, he was found by de Medich. He can occasionally go berserk and lose perception of friend and enemy. Concurrently, he has a short fuse. He has a pet wolf named Karl.
  • Isabel Lipnetz is the second lieutenant of Zephyr Falcon. The child of a noble family that was ruined by the witch hunts, she hates the established church with a vengeance. An exceptional spearwoman, she sees people in terms of black and white, and does not hesitate to express such feelings.
  • Iscariot is the most powerful mage in Geysir. He allied himself with Cesare, and was able to take over the mage's academy by eradicating the then-leaders, and was instrumental in sending Cyrano to Inferno. With Cesare's backing, he has dipped into unethical research, experimenting with biological mutation and dark arts.
  • Reuben used to be Cyrano's best friend, but betrayed Cyrano during the Forbidden Lore incident, and received part of the Bernstein estate as a reward. Through trade with the east, he has obtained cutting-edge weapons (such as the machine gun), and lives constantly in fear of demon worship—the same crime he used to frame Cyrano.


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The synopsis of the game follows the book of "The Count of Monte Cristo", written by the French writer Alexandre Dumas. The innocent Cyrano Bernstein is sentenced for a crime that he does not even know of, and is imprisoned in the infamous Inferno. He meets Deimos, and therefore realizes the truth that brought him to prison. In his dying state, Deimos sacrifices himself, bequeathing the Darkblood enabling Cyrano the abilities to get revenge on his enemies. He overwhelms the sword Asura, and joins the Zephyr Falcon, the Empire Resistance, and, one-by-one takes revenge on his enemies.

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