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ThinkTanks, also called TT, is an online multiplayer third-person shooter available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. It was developed by BraveTree Productions and marketed by GarageGames and


Aliens from "Alien Mind Control" have kidnapped human soldiers and put their brains into tanks. Then, they set the tanks on replicas of Earth terrains and watch them fight for their own amusement. The player has a mutation that lets him resist their mind control, and has to get off the alien planet.

There are three single-player game modes: in Solo play, the player has to beat level after level, rotating through Lush, Spooky, and Frantic maps with progressively harder bots to fight. A boss level occurs every 4 levels. Target Practice pits a player against an army of disarmed bots to test their aim. Quick Play causes a quick match on any map between the player and 6 bots in "indie" battlemode- anything that moves is a target.

  • Battlemode: Anything that moves is a target and must be shot at.
  • Team Battlemode: Same as Battlemode, except there are 2 teams.
  • "Indie" Scrum: The object is to get the "scrum ball" into the pulsating green goal- by themself, with everyone else trying to do the same thing.
  • Team Scrum: Same as Indie Scrum, except 2 teams are trying to beat each other.

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