Throw Materia

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Throw Materia
Basic Information
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VII
Materia Type
Command Materia
Buy Price
10,000 Gil
Mastered Value
700,000 Gil
Materia Leveling
Maximum Level
Total AP req. for Lvl. 2
Total AP req. for Lvl. 3
Materia Abilities
Level 1
Level 2
Featured in...
Final Fantasy VII

The Throw Materia allows the equipped player to carry out either the Throw or Coin command, depending on the level of the Materia. Throw inflicts damage to an opponent by sacrificing a compatible item from your inventory, such as a weapon, while Coin inflicts damage by sacrificing Gil. It is a Level 3 materia; unlike the Steal Materia, the player retains access to the previous ability when the second one is unlocked at Materia Level 2.