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Thunder Hawk


Game series Street Fighter
First appearance Super Street Fighter II
Japanese name: サンダー・ホーク
Nationality: Mexico
Species: Human
Height: 7' 7" (230 cm)
Weight: 357 lbs (162 kg)
Gender: Male
Blood type: O
Birth date: July 21, 1959
Birthplace: Mexico
Likes: Animals (especially his hawk), hair accessories, soccer/football
Dislikes: Uso (bullfinch), lies, M. Bison, wrestling
Fighting style: Thunderfoot martial arts
Skill(s): Wood carving, talking to birds of prey
Voice actor(s): Paul Dobson (Street Fighter animated series)

Steve Blum (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie)

David Vincent (Super Street Fighter IV)

Thunder Hawk (サンダー・ホーク Sandaa Hooku), is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter II. He is a Native American from Mexico whose ancestral homeland was taken over by Shadaloo, forcing him into exile.



When he was an infant, he and the members of his tribe were being forced off their land by Shadaloo. Many of the Thunderfoot members resisted and fought against them, and some were killed, including their leader, Arroyo Hawk (T. Hawk's father), who was cowardly murdered by a younger M. Bison. Now living in Mexico near the Monte Albán plains, T. Hawk wants nothing more than revenge from Bison for his despicable actions and to reclaim the land that was taken from his people. The Thunderfoot tribe had also experienced disappearances of many of their people, T. Hawk took the responsibility of finding them. One of them, his beloved Julia, became Juli, one of Bison's brainwashed assassins known as The Dolls.


T. Hawk is an immensely tall and bulky man with long, powerful arms and legs, massive hands and feet, shoulder-length slick brown hair and imposing facial features such as pronounced cheekbones, a flat nose and a wide square chin. He paints his cheeks and lower jaw in a white Native-style battle paint. His clothing consists of denim vest and pants, iron bracers entirely covering both forearms, thin steel armbands around his biceps, a cowboy-esque brown leathery belt with a huge buckle and metal decorative tokens, moccasin shoes or boots and a blue and white triangular-patterned headband ostentating a pair of white eagle feathers (one of them is red at its end tip) etched diagonally upwards from it. His head accessory is a memento from his father.


T. Hawk is commonly brave, tough, selfless, noble-spirited, centered and fearless, but equally grumpy, cold, brutish, unemotional and apparently unsympathetic. His lack of emotion display mostly comes from the suffering and devastation inflicted by M. Bison towards his people and sacred homelands - such hatred grew even more powerful in Street Fighter Alpha 3, when T. Hawk discovers that his childhood friend and lover Julia was turned into Juli, one of the Shadaloo's top-ranking female assassins known as The Dolls, under Bison's brainwash. Despite his externally hard demeanor, T. Hawk is actually a warm-hearted, compassionate man - as evidenced in several of his artworks, where he shows unquenchable affection for native animals - who sights revenge solely on the purpose of rescuing his long-lost people and restoring his ruined homelands back to its former.

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