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Tikal the Echidna is a character in the Sonic series. She is an echidna, like Knuckles, and is the daughter of Chief Pachacamac the Echidna. It is possible that she is also related to Knuckles. Tikal's mother died while she was young, so her grandmother took care of her.

Tikal the Echidna

Artwork of Tikal

Game series Sonic series
First appearance Sonic Adventure
Japanese name: ティカル Tikaru
Species: Echidna
Age: 14 (Physical). She doesn't age, as she does not really exist.
Height: 95cm (3ft, 1in)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Mystic Ruins
Likes: The Chao at the Master Emerald gate, peace and harmony, Sonic, Knuckles, her grandmother
Dislikes: War, greed, her father trying to steal the Master Emerald
Family: Chief Pachacamac the Echidna (Father, deceased), unnamed grandmother (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)
Skill(s): Knowledge of the Chaos Emeralds, Spin Jump, Gliding, Swimming, Drill Claw, Punching, Wrath of Gaia, Heaven's Justice, Captive Light
Trademark: Mayan civilization background, culture, and clothing.


Most of Tikal's past remains hidden, specially information about her family. Her mother died while she was young, leaving her care in the arms of her grandmother.

Her father is the ruler of the tribe. While Tikal loves her father, she does not appreciate him trying to control the power of the Chaos Emeralds. One day, her father led a group of men to steal the Master Emerald. Tikal attempted to stop them with all her might, but the force of the group was too strong, and they knocked her over, along with the Chao that watched over the place. The Chao guardians, after seeing the destruction brought on by these men, killed them all.

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