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TimeSplitters 2 is a multi-platform sequel to the first-person shooter TimeSplitters. It was created by Free Radical Design, a development team made up of former members of the GoldenEye 007 development team. Since the story revolves around time travel and controlling different characters in those times to battle aliens, there are a wide variety of weapons and characters to play as in the robust multiplayer mode. Levels, modes, weapons and characters are slowly unlockable.

Story[edit | edit source]

The year is 2401. You take the role of Sergant Cortez, who travels through time collecting the time crystals (Which have a much bigger role in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect).

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game uses standard console FPS controls. You use the dual stick set up to move, and a shoulder/trigger button to shoot. The other buttons on the controller let you duck, switch items, zoom in, and use secondary fire. Secondary fire differs depending on what gun you are wielding. It can make a gun shoot twice quickly, turn on a laser shield, or launch a small explosive.

The main three modes are Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Multiplayer mode. Story Mode has you playing different levels and time frames one at a time. You cannot progress to the next one until you beat the latest one, though old levels may be replayed. These levels can be played co-op with two people at most. They feature cut scenes and follow a consistent story.

Arcade Mode is a series of challenges, many of which let you unlock new modes and levels. They are usually short, and tend to get difficult. Some will have players trying to stay alive for a few minutes, while others are less about shooting, such as trying to figure out how to bounce grenades to destroy all the windows in a room.

Multiplayer mode can be played with up to 4 players, via split-screen. Everything from the time, points, method of winning, bots, bot AI, bot characters, weapons, weapon sets, teams, and health can be customized. There are dozens of characters in the game taken from the story mode, some major, some minor, and some completely insane like a hovering Snowman, a Gingerbread man, an Octopus, and the ever random Tiny Monkey.

There are many ways to play multi-player. Aside from standard Capture the flag and deathmatch modes, there are more creative ways to play. They include, but are not limited to:

  • "Flame tag", where players try and avoid being set on fire by the current flaming player
  • "Vampire", where players energy is slowly decreasing, and must kill other players to replenish it
  • "Gladiator", where only the designated glowing Gladiator gets to score points by killing, and the light is spread to whoever kills the Gladiator.
  • "Assault", where you fight through the enemy, push them back to reach a checkpoint, destroy something in their area, push them back more, and then destroy some things in their base to finally win.
  • "Monkey Assistant", where the weakest player is given 3 helper monkeys who are fast, harder to shoot, and can kill.