Codex Gamicus


Player(s) pilot their jet as they travel through various time stages, gunning down enemy ships from each time period, rescuing stranded pilots and tackling a boss ship at the end of every stage. Colliding with an enemy ship or their fire will result in the player losing a reserve jet, and the game will end when there are no jets left in reserve.

There is a representation at the bottom left of the screen (extending to the bottom middle) of how many enemy ships are remaining that the player(s) must gun down. With every ship that is shot down the indicator will decrease a portion; once all regular targets have been destroyed, the player will then face a large, end of level boss that takes several hits to be destroyed.

Occasionally the player(s) will encounter parachutists floating through the air, which are worth bonus points if they are collected by the player; however, a squadron of enemy fighters also appear when the player attempts to save the parachutist though, so caution must be considered for a rescue.


  • Stage 1: set in 1910. Players face enemy biplanes and a blimp boss.
  • Stage 2: set in 1940. Players face World War II monoplanes and a B-25 Bomber boss.
  • Stage 3: set in 1970. Players face enemy helicopters.
  • Stage 3: set in 1982 or 1983. Players face other jets and a B-52 Bomber boss.
  • Stage 4: set in 2001. Players face U. F. O.s.

Differences between versions[]

  • The Atari 2600 version's bosses only require one hit to be destroyed. There are no parachutists to be rescued and the player(s) can't fire as many shots at a time as with the arcade original.
  • The ColecoVision port excludes the 2001 level.