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Timelie is an adventure simulation game developed by Urnique Studio and published by Milk Bottle Studio and Urnique Studio. It was released on Steam on May 21, 2020, then on Epic Games on May 25, 2021.


This is a stealth puzzle adventure, where the player controls a girl who controls time like a media player. She perceives future events to plan her escape strategy from the past, sneak an enemy, and manipulate time.

The Timeline ability gives players the power to control time just like a media player. They can drag the Timeline left rewind time and undo their past mistakes, or drag it right to watch their future unfold and make them gain valuable information to change their past.

The player can control both the girl and the cat simultaneously, timing their movements and actions to complement each other, escape detection, distract enemies, and escape the world they're trapped in. Note that this is all in single-player.

The environment features abstractions and unrealistic visuals, as well as unusual realms filled with hazards.

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