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The Toltecs were a Meso-American civilisation that existed from the 10th to the 12th century. The Toltec Empire was founded by Ce Tecpatl Mixcoatl, who led his nomadic people from the north to settle on the Mexican High Plain. Mixcoatl was murdered by his enemies but was later avenged by his son Ce Acatl Topilitzin Quetzalcoatl, who would lead the Toltec civilisation to untold heights. Toltec culture continued to thrive until the 12th century. Their capital Tollan was violently destroyed in 1168 and the Toltec area fragmented into rivaling city-states. Toltec cultural influences have been identified from New Mexico to Nicaragua, though historians do not agree on the political history of the Toltecs. Since most of the history of the Toltecs is based on Aztec mythology, some claim there was never a Toltec Empire, but that Aztec references to the Toltecs were an allegory for civilisation.