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Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword is a game based on the Tomb Raider series. It was released for the Game Boy Color in 2001, and it is a sequel to the first Tomb Raider for the same system.


A long time ago, an evil magician, named Madame Paveau, rose to power in the underworld of New Orleans using her Dark Magic and sacrificing humans. The underworld was a synonym to fear, and only with the powerful aid of a benevolent magician, people could stand up against her murderous control. After breaking into her mansion and burning it down, the evil magician was finally destroyed. Her body was shattered upon jagged precipices on the bottom off a nearby cliff.

People believed to be finally safe from Madame Paveau and her devilish ways, but they weren't aware that one of her apprentices had survived. He performed an ancient rite by her broken body and captured her soul into a sacred container. The minion then began his search for a suitable body and the proper spells that would bring his master back to life.

During a visit to an old friend, Jane, in a dark antiquities museum, Lara Croft witnesses the robbery of a powerful sword from the museum. In the confusion and chaos of the theft, Lara is cut by the sword. Her blood on the body makes hers the body that is needed for the ritual. The minion then sets after gathering the remaining objects to transfer Madame Paveau's soul into Lara's body.

Lara immediately starts pursuing the cult, after orientation of Jane, hoping to save her soul.