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Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme: Skiing & Snowboarding (スキーパラダイス WITH スノーボード?, "Skiing Paradise with Snowboard")[2] is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System winter sports game that uses skiing and snowboarding as extreme sports in either freestyle, training mode, or competition mode. The game is known as Ski Paradise with Snowboard in Japan and Val d'Isere Championship in Europe. Competition mode allows the player to have 3 (three) chances to successfully complete the challenges. Otherwise, he or she gets the game over screen advising the player to start over again. The freestyle mode plays like a video arcade racing game, the training mode allows the player to use any course, and the competition mode is like the Winter Olympic Games. Controls can be modified and the player can either use skis or snowboards. The game is named after legendary skier Tommy Moe.

Conditions can change on the course, which can range from dawn, dusk, darkness, afternoon conditions, even a snowstorm. Once the player reaches the bottom of the hill in freestyle mode, either he or she must use the ski lift in order to climb to the top of the next mountain. There are less than 70 seconds to get to the next checkpoint. The fastest speed that snowboards can go is 66 miles per hour (106.2 kilometres per hour) on hilly terrain and 88 miles per hour (141.6 kilometres per hour) on flat terrain. These factors make them ⅓ as fast as NASCAR stock cars. A password allows players to continue their saved progress as they explore new regions of the mountain and refine their skiing or snowboarding skills.


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