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Itagaki is still trying to look like a rockstar

Tomonobu Itagaki in the creator of the Dead or Alive franchise and works within Team Ninja, a division of Tecmo, and has the title of Team Ninja Leader. Itagaki is also well known for the remake of Ninja Gaiden, an exclusive title for the Xbox.

Itagaki joined Tecmo in 1992 as a graphics programmer, and initially worked on the Super Famicom/SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl.

Itagaki is also known for his sharp criticizm of other franchises, developers, designers, and just about everything else within the video game industry.


  • "In other action games, the enemies are there for you to kill. In Ninja Gaiden, the enemies are there to kill you."
  • [About Ninja Gaiden difficultiy]"It was done intentionally of course. The testers who tested this game went nuts. At first it was easier, but when the testers said "this is too difficult", I made it even more difficult."[1]
  • [About being the Mystery Gamer for Dead or Alive: Ultimate]"I have no advice for my enemies... Just kidding! Let's just go at it and have fun! I am eagerly awaiting my turn, and so should you." [2]