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Total War: Attila is the ninth game in the Total War series. Total War: Attila was built off of Total War: Rome II, and takes place during the Fall of Rome. There are a number of new mechanics and some elements from previous games that were removed in Total War: Rome II.

New Mechanics[]

There are new events that occur at certain turns, some o these events will give your empire positive public order while others will lead to unrest and civil war. Another new feature is how civil wars start, while it keeps some elements from Total War Rome 2 like the control over your faction, it adds new mechanics like loyalty. If a general or governor doesn't have a lot of loyalty to you there is a higher chance he will start a civil war. When a civil war starts it causes unrest across all of that empire. Nomadic tribes also have a new camp and horde feature, when a barbarian faction loses its capital it will turn into a horde. Another new feature is the plagues that can spread all over the empire, a plague will negatively affect that cities' public order.


  • Western Rome (Playable without DLC)
  • Eastern Rome (Playable without DLC)
  • Huns (Playable without DLC)
  • Alans (Playable without DLC)
  • Franks (Playable without DLC)
  • Ostrogoths (Playable without DLC)
  • Sassanid Empire (Playable without DLC)
  • Saxons (Playable without DLC)
  • Vandals (Playable without DLC)
  • Visigoths (Playable without DLC)

DLC Factions[]

  • Garamantians (Slavic Nations Culture Pack)

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