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Tropico: Paradise Island
Tropico - Paradise Island Coverart.png
Developer(s) BreakAway Games
Publisher(s) Take-Two Interactive (Windows)
Engine S3D (game engine)
status Status Missing
Release date February 3, 2002 (NA)
January 11, 2002 (PAL)
Genre Construction and management simulation
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ELSPA: 11+
ESRB: Teen
Platform(s) Windows 95 - XP
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 1 CD
Input Keyboard and mouse
Requirements P200 MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM, 4 MB Video memory, 800 MB HD (and Tropico)
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Tropico: Paradise Island is the expansion pack to the critically acclaimed Tropico game.

Features[ | ]

  • A total of 12 or more new buildings.
  • More than 20 new scenarios, including a Gilligan's Island spoof.
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms, hoof and mouth disease and red tide.
  • New edicts to allow the player to enforce your will more effectively.
  • New dictator attributes to enhance the player's dictator's profile.
  • A number of gameplay enhancements such as full rotation of many buildings, more powerful martial law, 20% faster construction and more high score details.
  • A random event generator for easier scenario creation and/or natural disasters. The player can even turn this on for older scenarios to throw in a new twist.

New characters[ | ]

There are four new characters in Paradise Island. These are the male and female Eco Tourists and the male and female Spring Break Tourists.

New edicts[ | ]

There are a total of six new edicts in Paradise Island:

  • World Geographic Special that draws more Eco Tourists.
  • Spring Break Vacation package to attract those young college students to Tropico.
  • Social Security system to increase El Presidente's respect among voters.
  • Capture edict to go with the new Dungeon facility.
  • Conscription to boost your military strength.

New buildings[ | ]

There are a total of 12 or more new buildings in various categories of building types.

Tourist buildings[ | ]

The new tourist buildings are a main feature of Tropico: Paradise Island and include both tourist attractions and tourist accommodations. The Colonial Fort is unique in that it cannot be built by the player, but will appear randomly as for the archaeological site. It can be developed into one of three options: a dungeon, a museum or an artifact dig. The final one is El Presidente's Childhood Home, which acts as a museum.

Military buildings[ | ]

There is one new military building for Paradise Island, the army base. The army base acts as housing for up to 15 Generals or Soldiers and their spouses, with up to three Generals as staff. However, they do not pay rent for the privilege of living on an army base, nor can they use the jeeps apparently stationed there.

Industrial buildings[ | ]

The furniture factory will take lumber as raw materials and convert it to furniture goods for export.

New scenarios[ | ]

A total of 23 scenarios are included with Paradise Island. These include 18 all-new scenarios plus five previously released PopTop scenarios: the original two bonus scenarios, Club Tropico and Peg Leg's Cove, and the Sucio, Green Island and Rebel scenarios released since Tropico came out.

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