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True Crime: New York City is an urban adventure video game published by Activision and developed by Luxoflux. It is a sequel to True Crime: Streets of LA.



You play Marcus Reed, an ex New York city thug/gangster who was betrayed by his people who he kills. Marcus is (almost) blackmailed into joining the police where it seems he made a name for himself as a street officer. The true game picks up when Marcus is persuaded to become a detective by his mentor and after training your/marcus' mentor takes you to investigate a building. whilst you wait in the car your mentor goes into the building which soon explodes killing your mentor. After being thrown back into streetcrime whilst still maintaining your rank as detective you are approached by an elusive FBI agent who tells you what he thinks your mentor was doing, namely bringing down cartels (like the triads). It's your job to get to the bottom of the investigation whilst still cleaning up Manhattan. you can buy new weapons, cars and martial arts from around the city whilst progressing up to Detective rank 1 (there's five ranks). the city is split into districts which have different levels of crime. as soon as all the districts are cleaned up, the informant missions complete and the investigation complete a special bonus is unlocked. The city is truly impressive and this game is on the same level as gta san andreas.

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