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Turn-based strategy video games
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Basic Information

Turn-based strategy video games are strategy video games in which all actions are completed through a turn based system, and not in real-time. Turn based systems work by giving each character their own turn to move, attack, use items and so-on, similar to a board game. A prime example of a turn based strategy game would be basic board games such as chess and majong, where the genre originated. However turn-based strategy games can also have very in depth gameplay, with board games like Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic. Turn based strategy is also a common genre among video games, with games like Fallout, and Final Fantasy being popular examples.

Strategy role-playing video games and tactical role-playing video games are a part of this genre. Examples include Military Madness, The Battle for Wesnoth, Poxnora, Silent Storm, Steel Panthers: World at War!, King's Bounty, Great Big War Game, Nintendo Wars, UniWar, uTanks, and Sid Meier's Civilization series.