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US Games was a video game division of then-conglomerate Quaker Oats that formed in 1982 in order to develop games for the then-popular Atari 2600. Sometimes related to the North American video game crash of 1983, they released 14 games (with varying cartridge designs) and then closed their doors after only a year in operation. [1]

"None of our games became a hit," said spokesman Ronald Bottrell. "Instead of pouring in a lot more capital, we decided to drop it."[2]

Published titles[]

  1. Commando Raid
  2. Eggomania
  3. Entombed
  4. Gopher
  5. M.A.D.
  6. Name This Game
  7. Picnic
  8. Piece o' Cake
  9. Raft Rider
  10. Sneak n Peek
  11. Space Jockey
  12. Squeeze Box
  13. Towering Inferno
  14. Word Zapper


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