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Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle picked up the unresolved ending of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and brought closure to the Avatar's adventures there. In this second act the Avatar is informed that the villanous Batlin has been instructed to head to the Serpent Isle, where the Guardian is going to make another attempt to enter the world. The Avatar and his friends sail after them, between the mysterious Serpent Pillars and into a new land.

An entirely new game world filled with new monsters and items, improved graphics and controls, and a carefully woven single plot made Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle a worthy successor to Ultima VII: The Black Gate, and the prerendered closing cinematic lead seamlessly into the events of the then-upcoming Ultima VIII: Pagan.

Its success was quickly followed up with the second Ultima VII expansion disk, Ultima VII: The Silver Seed.

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  • Published by Origin in North America in 1993.
    • The original release included a cloth map, later editions were only paper.

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