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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is an action-adventure third-person shooter for the PlayStation 3 and the second game in the Uncharted series. The game follows Nathan Drake as he becomes involved in the search for the legendary city of Shambala. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves HD was released as part of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a third-person action-adventure game, with Nathan Drake as the sole playable character.


Treasure hunter Nathan Drake is approached by old colleague Harry Flynn about stealing an oil lamp from a Turkish museum. Drake is initially reluctant until he learns that the lamp is connected to Marco Polo's lost fleet. Joined by Chloe Frazer, a former lover of Nathan who re-ignites their old flame behind Harry's back, the three enter the museum. Harry and Nate reach the lamp and break it open to find shards of blue resin and a blank canvas. Upon igniting the resin, Nate discovers a hidden message on the canvas from Polo. From the message, he determines that the fleet crashed in Borneo during a tsunami, and Polo had not only discovered the long-lost city of Shambhala, but the Cintamani Stone, a massive sapphire said to have mystic properties. As the two begin to leave, Harry turns on Nate, leading him to be arrested.

Three months later, Nate is bribed out of jail by his old friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan, who found him with help from Chloe. Chloe explains that Harry is working for a Serbian war criminal named Zoran Lezarević, who is after the Cintamani Stone. The three agree to beat Lezarević to the stone, with Chloe working as a double-agent. Heading to Borneo, Nate and Sully head to Borneo, and upon stealing notes from Lezarević, realize that the stone was not with Polo's fleet, but is still in Shambhala. Deducing that Polo's crew went to the nearby mountain for shelter, Nate locates a crypt with Sully and Chloe, finding the skeletons of Polo's crew, along with a phurba and a map indicating the location of Shambhala is hidden in a temple in Nepal. The group are forced to give up the map when they are caught by Harry, but Chloe provides cover for the other two to escape with the phurba. Sully opts to back out of the hunt, feeling too old to keep going.

Nate rejoins Chloe in Nepal, where Lezarević's men have razed the city in search of the temple. Along the way, the two run into Elena Fisher, a journalist and Nate's ex-girlfriend, who is tracking Lezarević with her cameraman Jeff. Taking the two with them, Nate and Chloe find the location of Shambhala is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas. Jeff gets shot when the temple is ambushed by Lezarević's men, and Nate and Elena refuse to leave him behind despite Chloe's protests. Slowed down by Jeff's injury, the group is found by Lezarević: Chloe switches sides to maintain her cover, while Lezarević kills Jeff and takes Shambhala's location from Nate. Nate and Elena escape. Nate chooses to rescue Chloe, with a skeptical Elena agreeing to help him along. Nate hijacks Lezarević's train and reaches Chloe, only for her to refuse to leave, angry that he compromised the mission by helping Jeff and Elena. Their argument is cut off when Harry arrives and shoots Nate. The trapped Nate triggers an explosion that causes part of the train to derail over a cliff.

Escaping the hanging train car, Nate falls unconscious before being rescued by a Sherpa named Tenzin, who nurses him back to health. He awakens in Tenzin's village, where he reunites with Elena and meets Karl Schäfer, an elderly German explorer who sends a discouraged Nate with Tenzin to find the remains of Schäfer's expedition from decades prior. They make their way through a series of ice caves, where they encounter strange yeti-like beasts, before finding the remains of the expedition inside an ancient temple. They realize that Schäfer was working for the Ahnenerbe, but turned and killed his men to keep the Cintamani Stone from Nazi hands. Leaving the caves, the two see smoke from the village. They return to find the village under attack by Lezarević's men. They manage to fight them off, but Lezarević takes Schäfer and the phurba.

Elena and Nate follow Lezarević's men to an abandoned monastery. They manage to find the mortally wounded Schäfer, who, in his final breath, begs Nate to destroy the Cintamani Stone before Lezarević can obtain it. Finding and reconciling with Chloe, Nate retrieves the phurba and unlock Shambhala's entrance hidden in the monestary. However, they are cornered by Lezarević, who threatens Elena and Chloe to force Nate into opening the entrance to Shambhala. The convoy is attacked again by the monsters from the ice caves: after killing one, Lezarević reveals that they are disguised human guardians guarding Shambhala.