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The Lure of Adventure is the first official chapter of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


The chapter takes place in the 1980s, during Nathan's childhood. The chapter begins with Nathan being scolded by a nun for starting a fight with a bully, which has resulted in Nathan being banned from joining a Bible retreat with the rest of the boys in his orphanage. As soon as the nun leaves, Nathan gets a signal via flashlight from his brother Sam, who was expelled from the orphanage sometime earlier. Nathan climbs outside, climbing the rooftops (and briefly back in the orphanage) to meet up with Sam.

Noticing Nathan's bruises from the fight, Sam briefly scolds his brother for letting the other boy get to him. Giving Nathan his jacket, Sam has Nathan follow him. The two sneak across the orphanage roof until they sneak out, upon which Sam reveals what he wanted to show : a 500cc twin engine motorbike, which he bought with his own money. Nathan immediately suspects that Sam is trying to make up for something. Sam admits that he has accepted a well-paying job that will require him to leave the country for about a year. Nathan immediately protests and asks to come with, but Sam refuses, insisting that as unpleasant as the orphanage is, it is the best place for him to stay. Sam reveals his next surprise: he has managed to track down the buyer of their late mother's possessions, and invites Nathan along to steal it back. Nathan readily agrees, and gets on the back of the bike.


Begin by jumping out through the window. Walk straight until you reach the end of the rooftop, then turn right and climb over the brick railing. The roof on your left is too slippery, so climb onto the white ventilation box. There will be five handholds which you can use to pull yourself to the level above. Drop down and walk over to the low wall to slide down the roof. From there, climb over the low wall and head right. Climb into the windows on your right, then open the door of the room to exit.

Next, walk down the hall to the doorway. When the priest and nun walk in, hide behind the wall until the two walk off into different rooms. Alternatively, you can simply wait until the two turn away, which gives you a window to sneak behind the white desk, bringing you closer to your next destination.

The closed doors in front are locked: the only way forward is to climb out the window in the next room, located to your left. However, you must be careful to avoid being caught by the nun. Take cover behind the shelves, then press L3 to look where you need to go next. Hugging the cover, head to the right. When the nun is facing the window, sneak over to the couch, then turn the corner so that you're facing the window. Wait until the nun turns away, and then jump out the open window.

Once outside, drop down to the handholds below you, then head left in the direction of Sam. Climb back onto the ledge and then walk to the end of the section. From there, jump onto the landing. Grab the ledge above, then shimmy to the drainpipe on your right. Use it to climb to the top, then check out the backpack. Interact to trigger a cutscene.

After Sam jumps above, jump up when below him to grab his hand and be pulled up. From there, simply follow Sam until you reach the locked door. Wait until Sam climbs up the rope and follow after him. Once you reach the top, shimmy to the left and hop through the gap in the fencing. Continue following Sam until he jumps to the clock tower: after Nathan stumbles in his first attempt, walk back a few steps and then get a running start to make the jump. Once Sam pulls you up, keep following him until he offers you the rope. Use it to swing across the gap, then follow Sam to the steeple. The handhold Sam uses is too high for you to reach, so go around the corner to the right, which will give you a pathway to the top.

Once the sliding section comes, wait until you're at the end to jump. Continue following Sam, then take the grappling rope when he asks. Throw the grapple to the power line, then swing across to the balcony. Once Sam is across, head down the ladder, and the chapter will end with a cutscene.


There are no collectibles in Chapter 1.

However, there is a small Easter egg available. In the room where the nun and priest enter from is a behavioral write-up belonging to Nathan, as a result of the fight he got into earlier that day.


  • Chronologically, this is the earliest chapter in the entire Uncharted series.