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Infernal Place is the second chapter of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


Nathan and Drake, now adults, have entered a Panamanian prison with the help of their financier, Rafe Adler. Getting into a fight with another inmate named Gustavo, Nate manages to get the upper hand before the fight is broken up by the warden Vargas, who has Nate thrown into solitary confinement. Sometime later, he is dragged out by Vargas to the ruins of a Spanish prison tower. Vargas, who was bribed by Rafe to get the him and Drake brothers in and out of the prison, reveals that he opened an envelope that Rafe provided for Nate, which contains a letter from a crew-member of infamous pirate Henry Avery. Vargas has deduced the three are searching for Avery's treasure, over $400 million worth of gold and jewels, and demands a cut. Nate tells them that he can talk with Rafe if he can find anything in the tower.

Nate climbs to the crew-member's cell, and finds a hollow cross hidden behind a stone in the wall. Returning to Vargas, he hides the cross and claims to have found nothing. Suggesting that it may have been the wrong tower, Nate convinces Vargas to double-check the old records, and is walked back to the prison. Meeting up with Sam and Rafe, he warns them that Vargas walks a cut before showing them the cross. Nate and Sam notice that the man on the cross is not Jesus, but Saint Dismas, the penitent thief who was granted mercy by Jesus during his crucifixion. Sam connects the cross to a cathedral of Saint Dismas in Scotland, the country where Avery was last seen.

Before the three can leave the prison, they are attacked by Gustavo and his friends in retaliation for the earlier fight. The fight is eventually broken up by guards, during which the cross is discovered. Vargas has the three brought into his office and confronts them about the deception. After some discussion, Rafe seemingly agrees to give Vargas a quarter of the treasure, but when Vargas brings him in for a handshake, he fatally stabs the warden. Vargas manages to fire his gun before dying, sending the prison into lockdown and forcing Nate and the others to flee. Just before they can escape, Sam is shot by guards and loses consciousness, falling back into the prison. A devastated Nate reluctantly leaves with Rafe, and the opening credits roll.


Panamanian Prison[]

This serves as a tutorial for melee combat: the button prompts will provide the necessary instructions. Once enough damage is done to Gustavo, the prison guards will interfere, leading into the next cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, follow Vargas's directions to reach the ruins of the old prison.

Burnes' Cell[]

Inmate Fight[]

Prison Escape[]


There are two treasures to be found within this chapter.

  • Panamanian Cat Pendant: By the crates where you pick up the grappling hook, there is an empty well. Drop down and look in the tunnel below. Near the end will be the first treasure.
  • Navaja Folding Knife: When you first enter the ruins of the Spanish prison (you should find a note from one of the guards), check the pile of rubble in between a pillar and the light from a window. You'll find the treasure there.


  • The choice of a Panamanian prison as the choice of this chapter's setting may be a reference to a line in the first game: when asked by Elena whether it would be worse to fight the attacking pirates or end up in jail, Nathan replies that Elena "obviously [hasn't] been in a Panamanian jail."
  • The opening credits pay homage to the first three entries in the series, displaying images depicting the events in the games.