Codex Gamicus

Game Series Halo series
First Appearance Halo: Combat Evolved
Alias: Grunts
Affiliation: Covenant, Heretics, Covenant Separatists
Rank: * Ultra
* Special Operations
* Gunner
* Major
* Minor
Height: 1.67 meters
Notes: Population: 320 million
Homeworld: Balaho

The Unggoy, more commonly known as Grunts, are the significant military force of the Covenant Faction in the Halo series. They are ruthless in numbers and under leadership. However, leaderless, they pose little to no threat.

Their homeworld, Balaho, has large quantities of methane in the atmopshere. Therefore, the planet's surface is unable to be observed from space.

Unlike the rest of the Covenant, Grunts have clear neural pathways and therefore, they can absorb knowladge at will. Because of this, Unggoy are assigned to monitor the void for any signs of human communication. Due to this task, Grunts are able to understand and speak many human languages. Throughout the game, you are able to catch small phrases uttered by the Grunts that are usually quite humorus.