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Unification Wars is a conquer the universe style of MMORPG.

Strategy Guide[]

this guide is highly outdated. once you opened an account on unification wars go to helpcenter >> strategy >> uc strategy guide, and use that short manual to start creating your new empire

Regardless of which speed server you play your Unification Wars on this basic strategy guide will help you grow to be a powerful empire in the game.

Once you have an empire, go through and begin doing the missions. They are a useful way to introduce each of the features of the game to you and open up functionality. Keep an eye on your systems and keep doing the missions until you have been rewarded with 2 Orion systems. This is the starting point for growing your empire.

During the missions you should have researched much of the technology in the game. During this guide you will be needing “I-Tech Library”, “Destroy System” and “Upgrade System”.

No doubt you have a Sol system which you started with and that you have become quite attached too. The bad news is that we are about to destroy it because Sol systems are next to useless and later in the game it will become very important to have a good system setup.

Therefore, free up all the planets on your Sol system, then click on “New System” and create a Dark system. You can destroy the Sol system now using the "Destroy System" Project.

Dark’s are wonderful for defense so the idea is to protect both of your Orion systems by having 5 Dark systems in front of them (or if you have a paid account then as many darks as you are allowed).

Upgrade the dark as much as you can. Then explore on the Dark system and keep leveling it up until you get it to level 7 as a minimum. Explore until you have 16,000 planets free again, then create a new Dark system with 10,000 of these. It is possible to level darks very quickly if you have enough money.

Repeat the process on this new dark until it gets to level 7 and then do it all again and so on until you have the maximum number of systems and your Orions are protected as best they can be. Later you can upgrade the darks to level 20 (level X) should you wish to increase your defenses).

Use the I-Tech Library to move ALL of your infrastructure to “Housing”, then make sure ALL of your planets on both Orions is assigned to Housing. Increase the population on both to maximum. Explore as much as you can on both Orions, but mainly on the inner one that is protected best and increase your income per turn as much as you can.

Now get yourself a minister with the "Tax" ability and begin levelling him up to increase your income.

For a more in-depth guide to setting up your empire, levelling ministers, selecting minister traits, trading on the markets and much more check out this online guide: UC Online Guide