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United Nations Space Command Defense Force Emblem

The United Nations Space Command (more commonly known by its abbreviation, UNSC) is a human world government ruling over a large interstellar empire of planets in the Halo universe.



Master Chief - properly named Spartan 117, he is a genetically altered super soldier for the United Nations Space Command, is the single person responsible for stopping The Covenant. He prevents the rings from firing and killing everyone.

Admiral Terrance Hoods - He is the Senior officer of the UNSC overseeing all Naval operations.

Commander Miranda Keyes - Second in command, she is the commander of the In Amber Clad Frigate. She gives the commands during combat. While helping Sergeant Johnson to stop The Prophet from activating the rings, she is shot and killed in the back by the Prophet.

Sergeant Avery Johnson - He is an outspoken, fearless, commander of a unit of marines, he fights alongside Master Chief. During a mission in Halo 3 he tries to active the button to destroy Halo Installation 00, but The Oracle kills Johnson in defense of the Installation.