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United States in video gaming
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The United States' geographical location, including Alaska and Hawaii.
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The Star-Spangled Banner, the official flag of the United States of America.
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Video gaming in United States in video gaming

The United States has heavily influenced the nature of video game development, and has one of the largest populations of gamers. This has naturally led to the United States being represented, in part or in whole, in an innumerable number of video game titles since computer programming began.


Some video games have taken to using real locations (such as Watch Dogs using Chicago), although some, such as Grand Theft Auto III, use fictional locations heavily influenced by real-world locations (such as, in this instance, Liberty City, which is heavily influenced by New York City).

Other games, such as Homefront, have the player assume the role of a member of the United States' population, be they civilian or military; in this particular game, the player helps repel the invasion force of a hostile, unified Korean state.

The following is a list of video games that take place wholly or partially within the United States (or on land formally claimed by the United States):


In video games that include factional representation from other nations (real, or fictional), the United States is almost universally portrayed as a protagonist faction.


The United States can also be selected as a playable nation or government in the following video games: