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Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali (also known as Unreal: Return to Na Pali) is a first person shooter video game released by Epic Games and is an extension of the game Unreal. Return to Na Pali was released on May 31, 1999. Both games were sold together as Unreal gold on August 30, 2001.[1]


An expansion to Unreal, Return to Na Pali picks up not long after the main game's ending; Prisoner 849 is found by a human warship, the UMS Bodega Bay. Upon learning of the prisoner's identity, the military conscripts him or her into service, forcing the prisoner to return to Na Pali in order to locate the downed ship UMS Prometheus. There, the prisoner is to retrieve some secret weapons research. In return, he/she will receive a full pardon and transportation back to Earth. At least, this is what the prisoner is told; the real plan is to maintain the secrecy of the mission by killing the prisoner immediately after the information is secured.

Upon arriving at the Prometheus, Prisoner 849 finds the secret weapons log, but the ship's radio broadcasts a transmission from the Bodega Bay, exposing the military's treachery. As Prisoner 849 transmits the research log, a squad of marines beam on board the ship, intending to eliminate the prisoner. However, he/she manages to escape into a nearby mine system.

Once again, Prisoner 849 is forced to traverse a series of alien facilities and Nali temples in an attempt to locate another way off the planet. Eventually the prisoner ends up at another Nali Castle, where a small spacecraft is stored. After fighting his/her way through the Skaarj, the prisoner manages to take off in the spacecraft. However, the Bodega Bay is waiting in orbit, and launches a missile at the prisoner's ship. The prisoner outmaneuvers the missile, and leads it back on a collision course with the Bodega Bay. The large ship is disabled by the ensuing blast, and Prisoner 849 escapes into space.


In this game the player, Prisoner 849, has more weapons to choose from than in the first Unreal. There are also more enemies.

The tour begins on Na Pali with the search for the crashed Prometheus. On this mission, the player is not driven to return to Earth, but leave the planet. Once he has found the Prometheus, he himself is a target. The goal of the game is to escape and find another way to leave the planet.

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