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Unreal Tournament III (formerly Unreal Tournament 2007 and previously codenamed "Envy", abbreviated UT3) is the sequel to Unreal Tournament 2004. Unreal Tournament III uses Unreal Engine 3 which was first used in Epic Games Gears of War, and also uses DirectX 9.0c and a resolution of 1024 x 768.

Additionally, a demo was released for Microsoft Windows before the full game's release.


Collector's Edition[]


The Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's edition includes a extra DVD with Unreal Engine 3 Toolkit video tutorials, The History of Unreal Tournament, and behind the scenes development footage. The Collector's edition was revealed on September 27, 2007.


Epic president Mike Capps, announced on May 9, 2005 that UT 2007 will be similar to an combination of UT2003 and the original UT while maintaining the series' focus on multiplayer competition. He also mention the use of the Unreal Engine 3. Midway Games also announced that they will be the publishers of UT 2007.

Epic Games announce that they will showcase the Unreal Engine 3 at the Game Developers Conference of 2006 on March 20 to 24. The engine is supported by Ageia PhysX, a physics processor.

On July 31, 2006 Midway announced that Unreal Tournament 2007 will not be coming out until late 2007 and not at the end of 2006 as previously mentioned. The PlayStation 3 version has yet to be announced at this point.

On September 22, 2006, in an interview with Gamasutra, Tim Sweeney revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of UT3 will support user mods, created on PCs and downloadable to the console

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On January 25, 2007 at the Hard Rock Casinos Midway Gamer's Day event, Epic Games vice president Mark Rein announced that Unreal Tournament 2007 will be renamed Unreal Tournament III based on the Unreal Engine 3. He also announced that UT3 will be coming out also for the Xbox 360 due to the high sales of Gears of War.


Single player mode will allow the player to select from competitors from all races, and compete against a selection of preset teams, including:

  • Necris, appearing in several previous titles, are the re-animated dead and the antagonists of UT3; white-skinned, gothic-looking beings with advanced technology.
  • The Corrupt, a team of artificially intelligent cybernetic robots, financed by the Liandri Corporation and lead by Xan Kriegor, champion of UT.
  • Iron Guard, a group of hardened mercenaries, led by Brock and his girlfriend Lauren.
  • Krall, serving as soldiers for the Necris army, are a veteran clan of reptilian alien warriors, slaves to the Skaarj during the time period of Unreal.
  • Thundercrash, led by Malcolm, a famous team of former NEG soldiers.
  • Ronin, a team protected by red armour, with yellow glowing LEDs and henna tattoos; that represents the Izanagi.

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