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This article is about the 3rd-person action-adventure game. For the 2006 video game, see Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

Urban Chaos is the debut video game of English developer Mucky Foot Productions with its initial release in 1999 on the PC. It was subsequently released on the PlayStation and Dreamcast. The game was published by Eidos Interactive.

Story-Part 1[]

Template:Plot The story is divided in two parts. In first part, Darci Stern is recruited as a Union City Police Officer. As a rookie, Darci takes her job seriously. In the course of her duties she frequently spars with a group of street thugs named the Wildcats, who start getting involved in increasingly dangerous criminal activities; kidnappings, bombings–unusual behaviour even for street thugs. While investigating the Wildcats, she meets a mysterious vigilante named Roper. Roper gives her clues to aid her investigation of the Wildcats and offers warnings that the Wildcats are more dangerous than they appear and that they are getting more organized, stronger and have plans to take over Union City. Darci initially rejects Roper's warnings but soon discovers that he may be right. She informs her superiors but they fail to take any notice of it and ignore the Wildcats, seeing them as only another group of street thugs.

Then things start to heat up as the Wildcats start committing bigger and bigger crimes. The incidences of arson, murder and kidnapping increase all over Union City with the Wildcats behind it all. The police now find themselves nearly helpless and unable to deal with the influx of crime. Darci and Roper join forces battling the gangs. Darci soon becomes personally obsessed with stopping the Wildcats. She finds out that the Wildcats are controlled by Mayoral Candidate Mack Bane, who wants to take over the Union City. Eventually, the inevitable happens and the Wildcats declare a full blown war against the city and the UCPD. With the whole city reduced to a burning warzone, Darci, Roper and UCPD fight back and ultimately manage to stop the Wildcats and save what's left of the city. The losses the Wildcats suffered against UCPD is a severe blow to the mastermind Bane, who now decides to take matters into his own hands.

Part 2[]

The second part starts with a mysterious and brutal murder. Darci, involved in the investigation, discovers that the murder was committed by Bane's personal bodyguards, dangerous half-human/half-robot beings armed with a death trigger bomb. The investigation establishes that Bane is connected with the Wildcats and reveals him as the mastermind behind the violence. Then UCNN reporter Gordansky reveals to the public that Mack Bane is the wildcat gangs mysterious covert leader and also reveals Bane has secret advanced technology that the public must never be allowed to see and Darci is sent to destroy the UCNN TV transmitter and also rescue a bunch of hostages in a metal works factory after this Bane retreats to his out of town estate and Darci and Roper are sent to capture Bane alive, But even with Bane in jail the danger is still not over. Roper and Darci look in Bane's Files and find out he has several missiles on a wildcat base off the coast of the city and plans to destroy the city with them but Darci sabotages the missiles on the island. After That news reporter Gordansky is kidnapped by Bane's Bodyguards and Darci goes and rescue's her. later on Bane' finally reveals himself as ancient warlock to the wildcats and they are more loyal to him than ever Bane escapes jail by using ancient powers. With the city mostly abandoned Bane summons a red fire Beast and starts tearing the city down but Darci kills it. Then the wildcats are destroyed but the worst is yet to come Bane heads to Gunston Tower and plans to finish the prophecy and the police, Darci, and Roper destroy him.


  • It also utilized a rather complex fighting system incorporating kicks, punches, throws and sliding tackles as well as two melee weapons; knives and baseball bats.

However, the player can also arrest enemies, which will make the populace more friendly towards them. Later on, an additional character is gained who is less agile, due to his age, but whose attacks do more damage. A Jamaican gang banger is also available in bonus missions. The city maps, although small, do include indoor areas, people to talk to, fights to intervene in and even additional missions and completely different ways to achieve your goals which include assaults, hostage rescues, stopping someone from committing suicide. There are 24 main levels and 4 bonus levels.

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