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Urge is a singleplayer action adventure video game developed and published by EnDrew. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on November 15, 2021 as an early access game.

Premise[ | ]

As a survivor of a car crash, you enter a world affected by a mysterious drug substance that controls everything around you. Formerly known as a joyful place, now transformed into a wasteland full of disturbing monsters, mysteries and an eerie atmosphere. Here, any action can lead to the increase of the hazardous fog, which when maxed-out will make a living hell out of your life. Every moment is a choice, will you kill this enemy easily by hitting him in his substance-filled head (and thus risk increasing the fog), will you drive a vehicle with limitless fog-spreading fuel and so forth. Play nomad style, wandering between towns or set up a base somewhere and call it home. Learn from your past mistakes to prevent death and uncover the truth of this strange place.

Main features: The hazardous fog, player-caused or not, is the punishment for your corner-cutting actions, which brings a variety of problems (e.g., special enemies, physical dangers, speeds up your urge, and the like).

Chop down trees to build yourself a complex base or just look around for plywood to barricade one of the abandoned houses. Lay down traps to keep you safe inside.

Use a variety of firearms, melee weapons and throwables against junkies and other scary creatures.

Discover hidden vehicles, fuel them with the fog-spreading "piss" and use them to travel between towns.

Explore, search for supplies, combine items and build to prepare for the rise and fall of the hazardous fog.

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