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Things I hate about the gaming industry[]

We all in some way have a love-hate relationship with gaming, so in this article I sum up some of the things I personally hate about the industry.

Number 1: Fans overreacting about delays
As technology improves, the more time the developers will need. Sometimes, the time allocated just simply isn't enough and the company have to announce to waiting fans that their hyped game will be delayed. Too many fans then sulk around the Internet trying to find someone to unleash their unrelenting hate onto.

The YouTube commenting section seems to be the best place to start. People commenting saying Sony delayed most of their big projects until 2015, and people try to make out that is such a TERRIBLE thing and they try to turn it against the company!

Seriously, delays can be beneficial to the game's development cycle. I can find plenty of examples of games that could have been better if a little extra time was spent on the game. Battlefield 4 is one example! It gives the developer time to optimise the project and make it as excellent as possible.

I don't hate these delays in themselves; I just hate how fans use the bad examples (Duke Nukem Forever) as excuses that delays are bad. Delays allow extra time to be spent on the game naturally improving its quality. Unless the developer goes full retard and scraps the project halfway through.

Number 2: DLC
Since Nintendo started the idea of downloadable content, developers have latched onto this idea and have no sign of letting go. I have no problem with developers working on extra content after the game has been released to improve your gaming experience. However, developers do not see it this way.

Developers want to separate content from the main game and charge absurd amounts of money for them. Example: Call of Duty. The DLC used to be £7.99, which is ok, a bit overpriced. At this time there were only one or two packs per game, no more. They then said to themselves, "lets release four DLC packs, each for £11.99, and take out the best maps for them".

Put this in perspective. There are around 16 maps in a modern Call of Duty game (size decreasing per game). And there are 4 DLC packs each including 4 maps. That totals 16 maps. They have basically taken half of the game away from you, and the general fan-base doesn't even care! Heck they welcome it! That's all I have to say on this subject.

Number 3: Movie Tie-Ins

More coming soon.