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Hello, Talisman Cloud, and welcome to Codex Gamicus! Thank you for your contributions to this Wiki, including your edit to Super Mario Bros. X/Changelog. We hope you enjoy your stay, and we hope that you consider contributing to the Wiki in the future. Also, please check out our userboxes to customize your user page.

If you need any additional help, just drop by and leave a message on my or Zmario's talk page, or any of our SysOps' talk pages. We'd be glad to help.

— TwoTailedFox

Copying from Wikipedia[]

Hello. Thanks for your recent contributions. Just to make you aware, we don't allow bulk copying of content from Wikipedia (though we may permit certain sections, if it is correctly attributed). This wiki had a severe problem earlier in its life when a user imported ~17,000 articles from Wikipedia without attribution, and without tidying up after himself. We're still picking up the pieces here. But I digress; the focus for this Wiki should be on locally-written content where possible. I have no problem with Wikipedia being linked to (such as at the bottom of the article), but where possible, articles should be build without copying the content wholesale.--TwoTailedFox (talk) 18:24, March 6, 2016 (UTC)