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VG Pocket Caplet

The VG Pocket Caplet was created by Performance Designed Products and Pelican Products.

The Caplet comes in four colors; blue, silver, red, orange. Has a very bright 2.5” backlit 320 x 240 TFT display. (The package claims its resolution is '960x240', counting the RGB triads to make 3x the number of pixels, perhaps as an attempt to claim the unit is 'widescreen'.) Graphics are considered an improvement over those of the earlier models of the VG Pocket. The unit is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Comes with 50 built-in games which includes 3 licensed games: “Space Invaders,” “Bust-A-Move,” and “Burger Time.” It is a 16-bit system that appears to utilize some form of arcade emulation, since the majority of its games are either direct ports or clones of arcade games. The unit has the capability of being displayed on any TV set with the purchase of a separate “starter kit” that includes a storage carrying case and special AV cables unique to the system. There are no save features for high scores or game progress.

Games on the Caplet include:

  • Space Invaders (licensed arcade port)
  • Bust-A-Move (licensed arcade port)
  • BurgerTime (licensed arcade port)
  • Sudoku Quiz (something of a misnomer, as there is no quiz included)
  • Boxboy (Sokoban clone)
  • Adventures of Waldog (Platform game)
  • Deep Storm (on rails shooter)
  • Bubble Wubble (Tetris clone)
  • Final Escape (Pengo clone)
  • Wolfy's Quest
  • Legendary Hero (clone of don-doko-don)
  • Craig the Caterpillar (Go! Go! Smile Mile clone)
  • Crystal Cavern (Magical Drop clone)
  • Final Round Tennis!
  • Magic Jelly ([ nothing like Bomberman, the goal is to use your bombs to change the color of every block on the screen, without leaping to your death.)
  • Blazebusters (Arkanoid/Breakout clone)
  • Rotating Puzzle (animated slide puzzle game)
  • Underwater Pinball (Arkanoid/Breakout clone)
  • Bubble Blaster (Zuma clone)
  • Greedy Grabber
  • Puzzle Chance
  • Victory Road (Frogger clone)
  • Jet Racing (Pole Position clone)
  • Yummy and Tasty (Gussun Oyoyo clone)
  • Code Name: PLUMBER (Platform game)
  • Hanoi Tower
  • Leapfrog
  • Win or Lose
  • Pop goes the Ball! (Pang! clone)
  • Kart Racer X (Overhead racer)
  • Battle Blocks II (Arkanoid/Breakout clone)
  • Switch and Mix (Lights out clone)
  • Survival Challenge
  • Go Back Home!
  • Motojet Mania (Overhead racer)
  • Tiger Rescue (Vertical [[scrolling shooter] close relative to AeroFighters.]
  • Billiards Master
  • Mr. Onion
  • Wacky Racing (Pole Position clone)
  • Tennis Caddie
  • Blaze of Glory (Horizontal scrolling shooter
  • Underwater Memory
  • Crane Maniac
  • Go Bang
  • Jewel Master 2 (Columns clone)
  • Smashing Ladybugs
  • Submarine
  • Slot Machine (casino game)
  • Video Poker (casino game)
  • Black Jack (casino game)

There seems to be some confusion as to how many games are on the units. Early versions of the Caplet contain 35 games, with the current version having 50. Both units, as far as outward appearance, are identical. The packaging of the unit is the only outward way to identify how many games are on the system, that is, unless you actually turned the unit on.