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VTube Studio is a casual modeling game developed and published by DenshiSoft. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh on July 1, 2020.


This game serves as a tool to turn into a Live2D VTuber, with a wide variety of features like pinning props to the model. It can be used directly with a webcam on any Windows PC or Mac. The game also supports other advanced tracking inputs to control your Live2D model, including audio-based lipsync (requires microphone).

The game is free, although the player will need to pay $11.99 to remove the watermark.


  • Fast, high quality face tracking
  • Voice-based mouth tracking
  • High resolution, high quality, crisp Live2D model rendering
  • Hotkey-triggered animations, expression changes
  • Smoothly move model position/size/rotation per hotkeys
  • Mouse/Pen-tracking parameter
  • You can map any tracking parameter to any Live2D parameter of your model! Complete freedom!
  • Item-System!! You can pin your own PNG items directly to your model and they'll move with it.
  • iOS/Android app for network face tracking or directly rendering the model (free demo available)
  • Commercial usage is allowed (YouTube, Twitch, Superchats, ...)

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