Codex Gamicus

Vagrant is a class at the beginning of Flyff. Vagrants use swords and axes with shields and obviously armor. Leveling up is somewhat easy as a vagrant because its the beginning of the game. At level 1 fight Small Aibatts, at level 2 fight Small Mushpangs, At level 3 Captain Mushpangs, At level 4 Small Burudeng, At level 5 and 6 Small Pukepukes or Captain Pukepuke, beware of giant monsters! At level 7 go get quest back at town every level and fight Any Demians same thing with level 8. At level 9 fight Small Doridoma at 10 Any Doridoma. At 11 Small Lawolfs, At 12 Small Lawolfs or Adult Lawolfs, At 13 1st Class Feferns, And lastly at 14 Fight 2nd Class Feferns.

Classes in Flyff
Pre-Class (Level 1-15) Vagrant
First Class (Level 15-60) Assist Magician Mercenary Acrobat
Second Class (Level 60-?)) Billposter Ringmaster Elementer Psykeeper Blade Knight Jester Ranger