Codex Gamicus

Allied Vehicles[]

Allied MCV[]

The MCV is the construction vehicle and can be moved unless it is deployed. Without it, it is impossible to build any building. If a MCV is destroyed early on in play, it usually means certain victory. Normally, the MCV cannot revert into its vehicle form. In Skirmish mode, it can be re-deployed when the "MCV Repacks" is checked. MCV's have absolutely no weapons so it depends on other units to protect it. It has a health bar that matches it's deployed building.

Chrono Miner[]

The Chrono Miner can mine gems and ores on the ground and convert it into money for construction and training. Chrono Miners have the ability to teleport back to their Ore Refineries. This is useful when an enemy starts attacking it. When a Terror Drone attacks a Chrono Miner, it will be left behind when the Miner teleports back to base. Chrono Miner has no weapon so it must be defended.

Grizzly Main Battle Tank[]

The Grizzly Main Battle Tank is the main fighting tank of the Allies. It is effective in groups and poor at individual attacks. Grizzly tanks are faster than their Soviet counterparts, but have less armor and less firepower than Rhino tanks. When playing, tanks should be grouped together for attacks and separated for defense to counter Terror Drones and missile attacks.


The IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is the secondary attack vehicle of the Allies and can serve antiaircraft purposes. It is convertible, e.g. putting a Chrono Legionnaire inside one would transform it into a Chrono Legionnaire IFV. The transformed vehicle would be a hybrid of the unit inside and the original IFV. A GI and a IFV would make a IFV with a machine gun. IFVs' have mediocre armor and are weak versus more powerful armored units such as the Rhino Heavy Tank.

Prism Tank[]

The Prism Tank can mean victory when used in medium-sized attack groups. Prism Tanks pack a lot of firepower due to its prism beam. When promoted to higher levels, these tanks will fire faster. Their lasers will also 'reflect' onto other nearby units or buildings. This is useful when attacking clustered units and buildings. Prism Tanks have decent range and better speed than the Grizzlys, but they have horrible armor. A enemy Rhino or two can easily take one out.

Mirage Tank[]

The Allied Mirage Tank is a devious little tank. Despite it's mediocre armor, it can mean the downfall of your enemy. When not moving, the Mirage Tank will look like a tree or shrub to the enemy. As they come closer, the Mirage Tank will open fire. This is perfect for when you want to guard a specific building or keep the enemy from advancing. The Mirage Tank is nimble and speedy because of its light armor. Its cannon can serve as a great anti-personnel gun.

Robot Tank[]

The Robot tanks are unmanned tanks of Allies against the mind controlling units of Yuri, meaning it cannot be mind controlled. It can float in water like hovercrafts but faster than hovercrafts. Robot tanks are the same firepower of Grizzly tanks. But the downside of the Robot tanks was they can't be moved whenever your base was low power.

Battle Fortress[]

The Battle Fortress are the biggest tanks in Yuri's Revenge, it can literally crush tanks easily and deployed Guardian GIs can be crushed by its gargantuan size. Armed with a machine gun, you can also place 5 units inside so that it can kill faster than its main weapon. Don't use Attack dogs inside in it because they have no guns of course, if they have unit's inside, a good choice would be to have one of the 4 unit's in it: Guardian GI's as they have the rocket's deployed, good for tank battle's thought the tank can just run over the enemy with some ease, Navy SEAL's due to there very fast fire rate and the good skill to level infantry from the inside of this safe and armoured monster, one is really all you need, but 2 would be good as well, a Commando, Tanya or borris (Yuri's revenge only, being that even tho he is Soviet, dosen't meen he aint on the same game nor the fact you can't just capture the enemy Con. yard with a Fortress rush), or you could have this guy, who can teleport and remove stuff from history, the Chrono Legionare.

Tank Destroyer[]

Tank Destroyers, as the name denotes, destroys tanks. TDs can eliminate tanks quickly and efficiently. As amazing as it sounds, they do next to no damage to infantry and buildings. Their armor makes them a liability as it doesn't take much to kill one. If your enemy does not even use vehicles, the Tank Destroyer is a completely useless tank.

Soviet Vehicles[]

Soviet MCV[]

The Soviet MCV is exactly like the Allied MCV. For more details, see Allied MCV above.

War Miner[]

The War Miner is the basic Soviet miner, these miners are more effective than than the Chrono miner but lack their speed. It has a powerful Heavy machinegun mounted to defend itself against any land attack. Its armor is very strong and it also has the uncanny ability to self repair, once promoted to elite(if that ever happens) they will move faster and shoot faster and also collect faster. These miners are the blood of the Soviet War Machine.

Rhino Main Battle Tank[]

The Rhino Tank is the Soviet equivalent to the Grizzly, while being slower they have much more firepower, armor and slightly longer range.

Flak Track[]

A Flak Track is the Soviet version of the IFV. Unlike the IFV, the Flak Track uses a Flak cannon to eliminate air targets. It is decent versus infantry but useless against armored vehicles. The Flak Track moves around quickly but lacks the ability to transform like the IFV. Instead, the lightly-armored Flak Track can transport up to five soldiers inside. This is useful for capturing enemy bases. Leave the Flak Track behind as your main tanks destroy base defenses and walls. After that, send in the Flak Track with five engineers to capture the base.

Apocalypse Tank[]

The Apocalypse Tank is a technologically advanced multipurpose ultra-tank. These tanks are armed to the teeth with devastating turrets, good for destroying tank's, horrific grinders (due to there Red Alert 3 look, this is not a feature on the Red Alert 2 version's, but they can run over most infantry just the same, thought slow, the infantry can sometimes move out of the way) and anti-air missiles, just incase someone thing's air unit's would have an inpack on there parade, To accompany this they also have State of the art targeting systems along with advanced radar and communication systems. A hybrid nuclear-diesel engine compensates for their slow speed (this may be taking about the Red Alert 3 Design, the Red Alert 2 Design's show's that the tank may be powerful, but it is slow), coupled with the Soviet Unions most advanced all-terrain treads. Their heavy armor is near impervious to all attacks. but they still can be killed, so getting one of these's and trying to get it on a rampage path in the enemy's base is still a bad idea, Getting a couple of these guys may be more effective but they are still expensive, but once they're out and about in group's above the number of 10-20, the Apocalypse of the enemy base would have begun, thought they can be killed is the enemy has powered up tesla coil's or linked prism tower's (prism tower's would probably be more of the threat, but only one can fire at a time and there has to be 3 or more for the blow to be fatal, tho in large number's, both defence's can be overruned and over powered) due to the increased power, and terror drone's still have a chance to make thing's go from great to total hell if some manage to infiltrate your tank charge, but something special is about these tank's as the have an ability to self repair even when there not even 3 striped, and ability the Mammoth tank (Tiberium Storyline) only got the half of, giving them chance to get back to base and heal the terror drone right out of them, keep a servise depot just in case.

Terror Drone[]

The Terror Drone is a nasty piece of Soviet masterminding. It is small, extremely fast, and is a superb anti-tank weapon. Crawling around like a spider, it can latch itself to enemy tanks and slowly dismantle it. Right after the tank explodes, the Terror Drone can immediately leap onto another nearby tank. This is useful on Soviet enemies' War Miners because there is no way to get rid of them unless the Miner goes into a Repair Depot. Usually, computer players will not even build a Repair Depot on lower difficulties. Because they are so light and fast, they serve as excellent scouts. Beware, however. They have next to none armor and can be taken down by two or three War Miner machine-gun bursts. Terror Drones can also work as robotic guard dogs but can't detect enemy allied spies.

V3 Rocket[]

The V3 Rocket is a pretty decent weapon. It launches a single, massive rocket that does good damage. The slow rocket can easily be shot down by anti-aircraft defenses. Also, the V3 Rocket has low armor and speed. Another one of its disadvantages: if a rocket is shot at an enemy vehicle, the enemy will usually move away before impact.

Tesla Tank[]

The Tesla Tank is basically a vehicle version of the Tesla Trooper. The Tesla Tank shoots an arc of Tesla that does slightly better damage than the standard Rhino. Its armor is also slightly weaker than a Rhino's. It's speedy and can serve as a great anti-infantry tank/hit and run tank.

Demolition Truck[]

The Demolition Truck is a great vehicle if used correctly. Armed with a small nuclear device inside the truck. It is the vehicle version of the Terrorist, which means it attacks with a suicide bombing. It has several advantages over the Terrorist. Number one, it can move faster. Number two, it has somewhat better armor. Number three, it packs a bigger bunch. It is horrible if used in a large group. If one is destroyed, every other truck is also destroyed. This can be devastating if the trucks are already inside an enemy base, but useless if they are destroyed before getting near the base and mind controlled by Yuri's forces. It explodes with a small nuclear-like explosion leaving the area with radiation making more casualties to the enemy, but the radiation may decay away faster rather than that if the nuclear missile silo's effect.

Yuri Vehicles[]

Yuri MCV[]

Same as its Soviet and Allied MCV counterparts.

Slave Miner[]

Slave miner was the ore collector of Yuri's faction, it collects ore with the use of its slaves. It can be moved anywhere and convenient to use. Armed with a sentry gun like War miner. If the Slave Miner is destroyed then the slaves will be freed and under the command of the enemy who destroyed the Miner, and the slave's can be used as an attacking unit, but only having a shovel, the enemy would have to be pretty rubbish if they got beat by these's, and if a slave is in the slave miner when the miner is destroyed, the slave will not be auto ejected and liberated, they will be killed, and it would be horrible to live with the guilt of a virtual guy being killed in a liberation attempt, i wouldn't know how you could live with it..., moving on, despite there size, they do appire to be quite fast, and since the ore refinery part travel's around with it, it is a nice way to gain those credit's without the need of the waste of more to build a new refinery.

Gatling Tank[]

The Gatling tanks was the anti-aircraft and anti-personnel vehicles of Yuri's faction. It attacks with twin gatling cannons which will speed up as they attack a target. The faster they fire, the more damage is dealt.

Lasher Tank[]

The Lasher tank was the Main Battle tank of Yuri's faction. The trademark of this tank was it has a grinder in front of it and can crush units just like the other main battle tanks of the allies and the soviets.


Magnetron tank is an awesome tank in Yuri's arsenal, equipped with an electromagnetic weapon it can float or levitate any vehicle units even ships. It can attack enemy buildings and have the longest range of all vehicles. Place and drop the enemy vehicles to their buildings for a better damage. The only weakness and drawback of the Magnetron tank is it can't kill and crush enemy units.


Mastermind is the mind control vehicle of Yuri's faction. It can mind control 3 units at the same time but the drawback is it wont stop mind control any units or vehicle within its range and the result it will blowout.

Chaos Drone[]

Chaos drones are unmanned vehicles that are capable of deploying hallucinogenic gases that will confuse affected enemy units, causing them to force friendly fires units or buildings with greater firepower and speed.