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Venture is an arcade game released in 1981. It was ported to the Atari 2600, the ColecoVision, and the Intellivision.


Guide your brave explorer 'Winky' through the depths of different dungeon levels while collecting 'treasures' from each room and avoiding the dreaded 'Hall Monsters'. Shooting the various room occupants is not necessary, but it will add some additional points to your score.

The game begins with 'Winky' traveling around the outside of the screen, grabbing an arrow and heading down stairs to the dungeons he is about to explore. Winky, the main player, is a red dot while he is outside the various rooms and a larger red dot with eyes, mouth, and a bow and arrow while in a room. Winky must first enter one of the rooms on the floor while avoiding the 'Hall Monsters'; invincible enemies that circulate outside the rooms trying to catch you.

Once in a room the object is to gather up the treasure in that room and escape with your life. In each room there are different opponents such as snakes, goblins and genies that guard the treasure who also try to kill you. You must use your arrows to kill the monsters, but if you stay in a room too long, a Hall Monster will appear and chase after you. Your only option is to escape the room, go to another one later and return later. If you try to go back into the room right after leaving it, the Hall Monster will reenter and kill you.

Gathering a treasure from each room will complete the level. Your score is multiplied by a multiplier, depending on how long it took to complete that level, and you are then brought to a new and faster level. The game is simple, but very challenging.


The Intellivision version of this game is not usable on the Intellivision II.