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Vertigo Games
Basic Information
Video Game Industry
Key People
David Galindo, Founder

Vertigo Games is an independent video game developer founded in late 2000 by David Galindo.[1] Vertigo Games has announced that the long term focus of the company is to develop commercial games for the PlayStation Network on the PS3. One of the most recent title from Vertigo Games is the puzzler greenTech, which was developed for the fourth quarterly YoYo Games competition titled "Save the World" where it won first place.[2] David Galindo publishes games under the pseudonym "Mr. Chubigans".

List of Games[]

Title Genre(s) Year Notes
Nocturnal Emmision Platformer 2001[citation needed] Rejected by Game Maker developer Mark Overmars[3]
The Wal-Mart SUV Parking Lot Challenge! Arcade 2001[citation needed]
The Wal-Mart SUV Parking Lot Challenge 2 Arcade 2001 Sequel to The Wal-Mart SUV Parking Lot Challenge!
Atlantis Adventure 2002[citation needed]
Helicopter Cacophony Action 2002
The Fall of Atlantis Adventure 2002 Second game in the Atlantis "Trilogy"; the third game was announced but not made.[citation needed]
Prisms of Light Puzzle 2002[citation needed]
Prisms of Light 2 Puzzle 2003 Sequel to Prisms of Light[citation needed]
Ore No Ryomi Simulation 2003[4]
Exploding Crapola: Helicopter Cacophony 2 Action 2004 Sequel to Helicopter Cacophony
Ore No Ryomi 2 Simulation 2004 Sequel to Ore No Ryomi[citation needed]
Sandbox of God Strategy 2004 Most downloaded Vertigo Games title[5]
Liquisity Platformer 2005[6] First level editor in a game by Vertigo Games[7]
Vivid Conceptions Adventure, Platformer 2006[8]
Acidbomb Puzzle, Strategy 2006
Acidbomb 2 Puzzle, Strategy 2006 No longer available for download.[9] Sequel to Acidbomb
Shellblast Puzzle, Strategy 2007 Commercial title
The Winter Solstice Arcade 2007 Entered into the first YoYo Games competition. Received Honourable Mention.[10]
Spirits of Metropolis Puzzle 2008 Commercial title. Graphics by Amanda Redmond.[11]
greenTech Simulation 2009 1st place winner of YoYo Games "Save the Planet" competition.[2]
ShellblastHD Puzzle, Strategy 2009 High quality edition of Shellblast for Xbox 360 Indie Games. Developed by Optum.
Kablooey! Strategy 2009 Kablooey! made it to the final four in the 2BeeGames second competition.[12]
Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition Strategy 2010 Sequel to Sandbox of God[13]
The Oil Blue Simulation 2010[14][15] Commercial simulation title.
greenTech+ Simulation 2010 Comes free of charge when The Oil Blue is bought.[16]

Kablooey's graphics are modified versions of the now cancelled project, Helicopter Cacophony 3[17]

In total there have been 24 games developed and released by Vertigo Games.

Future Titles[]

A number of titles have been announced as to be in development by Vertigo Games.

Liquisity 2, a sequel to Liquisity, was announced on February 25, 2009.[18] Since then, Galindo had made considerable progress on the game's engine before he decided to stop work on it in favor of Spirits of Metropolis, later cancelling the project "in its current form". In December 2009, he restarted the project, redoing the game plot and storyline, and started a fundraiser through Kickstarter to pay commercial artists for the assets. He announced that Sara Gross and Jonathan Geer will do the graphics and music work, respectively.


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