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ViolenceFight arcadeflyer.png
Developer(s) Taito
Publisher(s) Taito
Designer Yukihiko Sakamoto (designer)
Takeshi Ishizashi, Yumi Inoue (programmers)
Engine Engine Missing
status Status Missing
Release date 1989
Genre 2D Versus Fighting
Mode(s) Up to 2 players simultaneously
Age rating(s) Ratings Missing
Platform(s) Arcade
Arcade system Taito B System hardware
Media Media Missing
Input 8-way Joystick, 3 Buttons
Requirements Requirements Missing
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Violence Fight (バイオレンスファイト?), is a 1989 fighting arcade game developed and published by Taito.

Violence Fight was later added to Taito Memories Vol. 2 for the PlayStation 2, and Taito Legends 2 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows-operated PCs. Violence Fight was also followed by a sequel released two years later titled as Solitary Fighter (known in Japan as Violence Fight II (バイオレンスファイトII?)).


The game takes place during the early 1950s in the United States. A gambling tournament known as "Violence Fight" was in popularity among a crime syndicate, general businessmen and reckless drivers. The Violence Fight tournament was for participators to go for "No. 1 quarreler". Each participators were gathered from across the country bragging about their strength and skill. Whoever wins will earn a lot of money. At the start of the plot, a young fighter name Bad Blue (or "Bat Blue") in his hometown, Los Angeles, heard about the Violence Fight tournament and decided to seek for the money eagerly with his manager, "Blinks", while trying to take the country's No. 1 spot.


Violence Fight plays similarly to other beat 'em ups like Double Dragon, where the player can move in all eight directions in an arena fight. Also, there are three buttons: punch, kick and jump. However, unlike most side-scrolling fighters, the players fight in an enclosed arena space. Players can press either punch + jump or kick + jump to perform either a special punch or a special kick move. Players also can press punch + kick to duck for a short period of time. While the opponent is struggling to get up, the punch button can be used to throw him to the ground for some damage. The punch button is also used to pick up crates, barrels and other similar objects.

Each match consists of up to three rounds. The timer will initially be set at 100 seconds, or 1 minute, 40 seconds. Your objective is to get your opponent's life meter to zero to win a round. Winning two out of three rounds will win the match. Each brawler begins the round with 100 health points. Direct hits to your opponent will reduce his health gradually, based on certain factors. For each round won, you gain one point towards winning the match. If time runs out in a round, the round will end in a draw. If two of three rounds end in a draw, the brawler with only one point will be the winner. If the point totals are tied at the end of all three rounds, the match ends in a draw. If you get more points than your opponent, you'll continue on to the next gameplay round, or "stage" of the game. If your opponent has more points than you, your game is over and you'll have the option of continuing the game, at the cost of one additional quarter. If the match ends in a draw against the CPU, it will be the same as a loss, meaning you're screwed out of another quarter. If the match ends in a draw of a 2-player match, either player will have to insert another quarter to continue the single-player campaign.


There are four playable characters, and two unplayable bosses.

  • Template:FlagiconBad Blue (バッド・ブルー?) - A yester-year street-fighting champion from Los Angeles, California. As far as attributes are concerned, he is the most well-balanced and has a reputation for plenty of technique and it's sharpness. He is also known as "Bat Blue".
  • Template:FlagiconBen Smith (ベン・スミス?) - An African-American U.S. marine veteran from Carson City, Nevada. His fighting style of choice is boxing. During his U.S. marine career, he was nicknamed "Fierce Eagle", due to his speed and reflexes. His speed attribute is high, but everything else is lower than average.
  • Template:FlagiconRick Joe (リック・ジョー?) - A professional wrestler from Ardmore, Oklahoma. His career was cut short due to mass homicide. He was kicked out of the TWF (Taito Wrestling Federation) for killing 13 opponents during sanctioned matches. He enters the tournament hoping to redeem himself of his past sins. His name's misspelled as "Lick Joe" in the game.
  • Template:FlagiconLee Chen (リー・チェン?) - A mysterious Chinese kung-fu fighter from Miami, Florida. Although a natural-born U.S. citizen, Lee spent many of his summers of childhood visiting China with his father, learning the skills of kung-fu. Lee enters the tournament hoping to prove his skills to thousands of fans.


  • Template:FlagiconRon Max (ロン・マックス?) - A stock farmer from Texas who has a head that's as hard as steel. He wears a white shirt, blue jeans and red suspenders. When the player fight against him, the audience will be throwing empty beer bottles into the ring, causing unnecessary setbacks to the player's plans to win this match.
  • Template:FlagiconTony Won (トニー・ウォン?) - A tall New Yorker who resembles Mr. T. He'll do anything to win the match, even if it means breaking every rule in the book, like swinging a chain against his opponent. He's also the leader of the Black Will 'O gang, the organization who set up the Violence Fight tournament in the very first place.

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