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Virtual Boy Controller
Basic Information
Virtual Boy
2 Directional pads
Start Button
Select Button
A Button
B Button
L Button
R Button
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The Virtual Boy Controller was one of only two peripherals released for the Virtual Boy game console, and was a necessity for the system to function, not only due to it being the console's controller, but also because the device turns the system on and off, and can store the batteries should the AC adapter not be in use.

The Virtual Boy Controller is a black controller with a two-grip design; interestingly, it possesses two Directional Pads on the far right and left sides. On the left side, are the select and start buttons, while "A" and "B" are found on the right. In the center, is a small on/off switch, which revels orange plastic when on, and grey when off.

On the back of the controller, are two circular shoulder pads, as well as the holder for the additional battery pack which powers the console.