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Basic Information
Parent company
Head Office(s)
 United StatesChampaign, Illinois

Volition, Inc. is an American video game developer for consoles and Windows-based PCs. Volition is located in Champaign, Illinois. The company was created when Parallax Software (developers of the Descent series) was split in two, lead by Mike Kulas in November 1996. The other half was the now-defunct Outrage Entertainment who developed Descent³ and Alter Echo.

With Interplay Entertainment as a publisher, Volition, Inc. developed the FreeSpace series of space simulation computer games. As Interplay tumbled towards bankruptcy, Volition, Inc. was acquired by THQ in September 2000.[1] Since then, Volition, Inc. has developed several acclaimed titles including the Red Faction series, the Summoner series, The Punisher, and the Saints Row series.

In its games, Volition, Inc usually sets the company "Ultor" as the antagonist.

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